Harry Potter, Star Wars and Amy Winehouse – Together at Last!

Zenawi, Museveni and Kagama – Are They Tools of Corporate Colonialists

Currency Crash: ‘No solution to crisis – too late to save euro’

New Occupation: 20,000 march for economic justice in NYC

Hartmann: Are violent video games changing your child’s brain?

GOP Shills For Oil on Keystone XL

Gaddafi’s death for Satan’s bankers

Hartmann: Is 2 million people in the UK streets DAMP SQUIB?

Debt Debacle: Merkel gives EU the FU

Hartmann: GOP admits they’re "frightened to death" by OWS

CrossTalk: Pakistan’s Revenge

Libyan In(ter)vention: False facts fatal for Gaddafi

Nato May Reap What They Sow in Pakistan

By George Galloway December02, 2011 "Daily Record"-----EVEN by the usual standards of American "friendly fire" incidents, the attack on Pakistani troops by US Apache helicopter gunships on Friday was potentially world changing. This was no misguided drone attack, nor a missile misfiring. It was the mass murder of 24 Pakistani soldiers. That the deaths came... Continue Reading →

All Eyes on Israel After Second Iranian Blast

By Sheera Frenkel, Jerusalem December 02, 2011 "The Australian" -- CLOUDS of smoke billowed above the city of Isfahan - evidence that the latest strike against Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program had hit its target. The second blast in as many weeks at an atomic or missile facility has sparked Iranian denials and claims of... Continue Reading →

Once Again, War is Prime Time and Journalism’s Role is Taboo

By John Pilger December 02, 2011 "Information Clearing House" - On 22 May 2007, the Guardian’s front page announced: "Iran’s secret plan for summer offensive to force US out of Iraq." The writer, Simon Tisdall, claimed that Iran had secret plans to defeat American troops in Iraq, which included "forging ties with al-Qaeda elements." The coming "showdown"... Continue Reading →

Paul Craig Roberts: Congress is Repealing the Constitution

From: RTAmerica There is a bill in the Senate that is attempting to keep torture alive as an interrogation technique. The National Defense Authorization Act is being debated in Congress and if passed, American citizens could be detained without a court hearing anywhere in the world. President Obama stated he will veto the bill if... Continue Reading →

Lies on SKY: The British Media Circus comes to Russia

Right on cue two days before Russia's Parliamentary elections, comes SKY News. Are they following terrorists, interviewing rapists, glorifying murderers and taking sides? Are they asking Americans in Iraq if they are looking for revenge for 9/11? Why no, they are muck-raking in Russia's vast interior, painting a negative image of Vladimir Putin. In the... Continue Reading →

Pakistan retort squares with Taliban demands

By Amir Mir ISLAMABAD - In the aftermath of the November 26 air strike that killed 25 Pakistan soldiers at two army check posts, Pakistani authorities are clearly matching up with a set of demands placed by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) as a pre-requisite to initiate peace talks with the government in Islamabad. The Pakistan... Continue Reading →

Turkish opposition leader criticizes government’s policy on Syria

Turkish main opposition party leader on Thursday criticized the government’s policy on Syria for being problematic. Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu said in Istanbul in the wake of a series of sanctions Turkey pledged to impose on the Syrian administration: "This is not correct. This does not befit Turkey." The opposition leader challenged:... Continue Reading →

The Syrian Revolution Hijacked

By Peter Lee December 01, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- The Syrian revolution—a broad-based, non-sectarian, democratic anti-despot national movement—has failed. Mass demonstrations never materialized in Damascus and Aleppo.  The military and security forces didn’t crack.  The Alawite on Sunni crackdown (Alawites form the backbone of the army/security forces/irregular goon squads) fomented sectarian divisions, with most... Continue Reading →

Assange on mass surveillance: ‘You are all screwed!’

Occupy LA: ‘You don’t say thanks for being raped gently’

Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Violent Fantasies of Crushed Souls

Obama, the US and 5 Million Deaths in The Congo

Obama, the US and 5 Million Deaths in The Congo

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