Barack and David, the Demonic Duo

Suppose Syria were to do a Hiroshima, closely followed by a Nagasaki, “to end the fighting quickly and ultimately save thousands of lives”? Suppose Syria were to use Agent Orange as the USA did in Vietnam? Suppose Syria were to use its special forces in an internal conflict in Turkey as the FUKUS Axis did in Libya?

One can hear the howls of derision in Washington and Whitehall, one can hear an “oh, la!la!” in the Elysée Palace, followed by a shocked “Dites-donc!”. But what if Syria did behave like the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US)? What if Syria performed a double atomic terrorist strike against defenceless civilians, murdering a hundred thousand people? What if Syria deployed chemical weapons against children? What if Syria sprayed vegetation and people alike – including women and children – with Napalm?

What if Syria interfered in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation, training terrorists to destabilise the Government, launching a media campaign fomenting hatred using demonology and buzz words such as “regime”, “dictator”, “freedom”, “compound”, “crackdown”, “activist”, using images of children screaming in hospitals, presenting one side of the story? Suppose Syria were to finance and plan an insurgency in Texas or Sussex or La Bretagne, then report on how the authorities used their military machines to put the uprising down, forgetting to say how it was started?

Suppose Syria were to use its air force to bomb hospitals as the FUKUS Axis did in Libya? Suppose Syria were to strafe a centre for handicapped children, as the FUKUS Axis did in Libya? Suppose Syria were to murder the children and grandchildren of Barack Obama and David Cameron because the house they were sitting in was considered as “a vital part of command and control”?

And if Syria destroyed the water transportation system of the United States of America, the United Kingdom or France, as their NATO forces did in Libya? And if Syria then bombed the factory making the pipes so that it could not be repaired? And if Syria targeted their electricity grid “to break their backs”?

The thing is, Syria will not behave like that because Syria is not run by a criminal cabal of corporate elitists whose ultimate goal is domination and hegemony over the world’s resources, using the UK and France as bum boys for Washington’s disgusting spawn, as deposits for Washington’s dirty water. While the West crows and tries to gain the moral high ground (a very slippery slope after Libya, the most horrific outrage in international relations since World War Two), it lies about its involvement in Syria using Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as proxies.

While the West derided Gaddafi as a bloodthirsty dictator they did not once mention his humanitarian works in Libya and the rest of Africa, they did not once mention the UN prize he was set to receive, they did not once mention that he financed Libyans to study abroad. What dictator educates his people, for free?

And now we have David “If I have to pay anything back, then I shall” Cameron scrambling to sit beside Barack “Hey! These hamburgers are made of Monsanto GM beef, put it in the offshore thingy” Obama, “warning” President Assad not to use chemical weapons. How interesting. Great from the countries that in the last half-century have broken every law in the book, criminals and pariahs in the international community, Queens of sheer hypocrisy.

Would these chemical weapons be the ones the FUKUS Axis smuggled to the Turkish border to create a false flag event, outed in this column some weeks ago? The Syrian Government is making sure the chemical weapons do not fall into the hands of the western-backed foreign terrorist scourge, because we all know they would use them to blame the Government and whitewash a western invasion.

However, Russia has drawn a red line on Syria. The lesson of Libya is clear for all to learn – never, ever trust the West again. Let this be the legacy of Cameron, Obama and their sickening side-kicks in charge of their countries’ diplomacy.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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