Rattling the Sabre on Syria: Time to Cut Through Media Disinformation

By Global Research

Global Research, September 05, 2013

War, weapons, invasion, incursion, lies, legalities, murder… Are we really here again?

no-killing-for-peaceThe headlines of both mainstream and alternative media are replete with ever-evolving news on Syria. The world is holding its breath in terror, with many taking to the streets in protest and others working hard to ensure the truth on Syria reaches as many people as possible in an effort to prevent what would undeniably be a catastrophic war.

Fingers are being pointed and accusations flung hard and fast, but there are a few key points to keep in mind. According to Phil Greaves:

It seems many have forgotten the last two and a half years of western sabre-rattling and covert military aggression against the Syrian state. It is worth reiterating that without the vast amount of military, financial, and diplomatic largesse the west and their regional clients have thrown at the “revolutionary rebels” in Syria – who have now beyond doubt been exposed as sectarian extremists, lead and dominated by Al Qaeda ideologues – the violent insurgency in Syria would have been defeated long ago by the Syrian army. (See “Syria: Obama’s Pretext for War“, Global Research)

In addition, Michel Chossudovsky writes:

“No one can reasonably believe in a “war on terrorism” which consists in channeling money and weapons to the terrorists. It’s a non sequitur.” (See “What Happened to the “Global War on Terrorism”? The U.S. is “Fighting for Al Qaeda” in Syria“, Global Research)

Global Research has worked to bring its readers critical news, information, and analyses to reverse the tide of mainstream media disinformation. We have been the important reference of first choice for many of our readers in our coverage of topics like SyriaLibyaIraqPalestineFukushima, theArab protest movement, the global economic crisis, and the financial meltdown in America.

Global Research has moved to the forefront of institutions presenting a hard-hitting, progressive, and intelligent critique of world politics and in particular of American foreign policy. I check it every day just to see who is on there and what they are saying. We need to keep this unique voice alive and kicking against the establishment.
– Francis A. Boyle, Professor of International Law (click for list of articles)

Global Research’s work is critical in the face of mainstream media disinformation and we have managed to remain independent, acting as a vital information portal. But we still need all the help we can get. Without the support of our valued readers, the Global Research websites would not exist or grow. Spread the message, tell friends, introduce Global Research to discussion groups and classes, distribute our stories, post them on your blogs and social media pages.

We have been able to develop our activities thanks to the contribution of Global Research readers. For those who are willing and able, we ask you to support our projects and battle to get critical, unreported stories and information out as a means to challenge the tide of misinformation being used as a smokescreen for imperialism and war. Global Research does not seek financial support from private and public foundations. This is why we value every single donation and contribution made by our readers.


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