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Stop Kidding Yourself: The Police Were Created to Control Working Class and Poor People

Cuba in the American Imagination

Obama Says He Is Improving the World

Abbas Signs Bid to Join ICC

UN Security Council Rejects Palestinian Statehood Resolution

‘CIA fingerprints’ all over Kiev massacre – Oliver Stone — RT News (link)

‘CIA fingerprints’ all over Kiev massacre – Oliver Stone — RT News.

America stumbles through another year, spreading chaos and trivia everywhere in its path

“The Interview”: Who Was Behind the Cyberattack on Sony?

Hiroshima, Nagasaki: US Should be Indicted on Criminal Charges for World War II Nuclear Attacks on Japan, Speaker of Russia’s State Duma

Sony Hack Was an Inside Job; North Korea Scapegoated as Distraction Strategy

War on Black America

Africa 2014 in Review: Challenges for Genuine Independence and Development

Russia’s Settlement Alternative to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)

UN Security Council Rejects Proposal for Palestinian Statehood and Full Military Withdrawal of Israeli Occupation Forces

Report reveals poor performance by UK academies and free schools

Scottish first minister reassures the financial oligarchy

Putin approves new Russian military doctrine

US House majority whip spoke at white supremacist conference

Cybersecurity investigators raise doubts about North Korean responsibility for Sony hack

The collapse of the Greek government

Sydney Sheikh believed responsible for Syrian massacres, kidnappings

Kiev Regime’s Official Policy for East Ukraine is Starvation, Torture, Rape and Murder

The Privatization of War: Private Mercenaries and the “War on Terror” in American Foreign Policy

How The Elite Stay In Power


In this video we break down in simple terms the only way “those in power” can stay in power. It’s not as complex at it may seem. They need us more than we need them.

Posted December 30, 2014

The Dead End of the Post-Oslo Diplomacy: What Next?

For The Occupied And Oppressed Palestinians UN Means Useless Nations

The Continuing US War in Afghanistan

The Outlook for the New Year

Sea Change In US-Cuba Relations Makes Waves Deep In Desert

USA mission in Afghanistan: Any sort of happily ever after?

Faction fight behind purge at South African tax-collection agency

NATO’s Libyan puppet regime bombs Misrata amid escalating civil war

Los Angeles police department on high alert after officers allegedly ambushed by gunmen

Financial Times points to US regime-change intrigue in Sri Lanka

Snap elections in New Year following fall of Greek government

Sobering Truths About America’s Imperialist Crimes Against Humanity

The Hollywood ‘Demonization Script”: “The Interview” and U.S. Regime-Change Policy Toward North Korea

Broken Countries Policing Impossible to Preach Respect for the Rule of Law

How American Corporations and the Super Rich Steal From the Rest of Us

The Victory of ‘Perception Management’

Europe Beware! – WWIII Could Destroy Europe for the Third Time in a Century

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