No, We CAN’T Inflate Our Way Out of a Debt Trap

By Washington's Blog Global Research, December 02, 2014 Washington's Blog Top mainstream economists have pushed the theory that we can inflate our way out of a debt crisis. Ben Bernanke and Paul Krugman said in 2009 that we should force inflation on the economy. University of Oregon economics professor Tim Duy said the U.S. will try to inflate its... Continue Reading →

Democracy or Colonisation? The Self Interest Behind Britain’s Concern for “Democracy” in Hong Kong

By Peter Bloom Global Research, December 02, 2014 The Conversation The pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have reignited, with new waves of occupation and police repression. And despite global interest, Chinese leaders have warned international onlookers against interfering in what they see as an internal affair. Now, MPs from the British parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee have... Continue Reading →

Are Humans Going Extinct?

By Dahr Jamail December 02, 2014 "ICH" - "Truthout" - - Some scientists, Guy McPherson included, fear that climate disruption is so serious, with so many self-reinforcing feedback loops already in play, that humans are in the process of causing our own extinction. August, September and October were each the hottest months ever recorded, respectively.... Continue Reading →

The Only Way to Stop the Empire

By Gary Flomenhoft December 02, 2014 "ICH" - "ClubOrlov" -The final days of US empire are fast approaching. Perhaps its end will pass slowly and gradually, or perhaps the event will unfold rapidly and catastrophically. Maybe chaos will break loose, or maybe its demise will be organized well and proceed smoothly. This nobody knows, but... Continue Reading →

Who Owns the Earth? Earth Ecology versus Global Economy

Part I By Lesley Docksey Global Research, December 02, 2014 Brian May's Save Me “Vimes knew how you could own a pub, but he wondered how you could own a trout stream because, if that was your bit, it had already gurgled off downstream while you were watching it, yes?  That meant that somebody else... Continue Reading →

Over 90% of Breast Cancer Cells Destroyed by Chamomile, Thyme Oil: Study

Natural anti-cancer solutions By Mike Barrett Global Research, December 02, 2014 Natural Society 29 November 2014 There is a myriad of natural foods and compounds that have been studied for their disease-preventing and even disease-treating abilities. While the pharmaceutical industry pushes patented drugs that cause numerous side-effects, researchers are unveiling how we can use nature’s... Continue Reading →

As election campaign begins, Moody’s downgrades Japan’s debt

By Peter Symonds 2 December 2014 International credit rating agency Moody’s yesterday downgraded the Japanese economy from Aa3 to A1, just as Japan’s election campaign was about to officially get underway today. The announcement places further pressure on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who called the snap poll for December 14 on news that the economy... Continue Reading →

Scottish student debt skyrockets

By Joe Mount 2 December 2014 Total student debt in Scotland rose by two-thirds during the past year, according to official statistics. Debt now stands at £430 million, up from £254 million last year. By next year, total debt will have doubled since 2006. The rising debt levels expose the financial hardship facing students in... Continue Reading →

Low turnout in Italian regional elections

By Marc Wells and Marianne Arens 2 December 2014 Last month’s regional elections in Emilia-Romagna and Calabria were a massive vote of no confidence in the government of Matteo Renzi (Democratic Party, PD). Almost two-thirds of the electorate voted with their feet by not casting a ballot. Although Renzi’s PD was able to win the... Continue Reading →

Australian government confronts deepening political and economic crisis

By Mike Head 2 December 2014 Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott staged a desperate and self-contradictory media conference yesterday. It was an attempt to “reset” his government in the face of mounting public hostility, a rapidly deepening economic crisis and intensifying pressure from the corporate and media elite to deliver the austerity agenda that it... Continue Reading →

New Zealand Labour elects new right-wing leader

By Tom Peters 2 December 2014 New Zealand’s opposition Labour Party announced on November 18 that it elected Andrew Little as leader, by a margin of just one percent over rival Grant Robertson. The leadership change follows a weeks-long, primary-style campaign involving four candidates, all of them supporters of big business and militarism. Little, the... Continue Reading →

US retail sales plunge during “Black Friday” weekend

By Patrick Martin 2 December 2014 The five-day shopping period from November 27 through December 1, including Thanksgiving and the relentlessly promoted “Black Friday,” “Small business Saturday” and “Cyber Monday,” will turn out to be a bust in 2014, according to estimates by the National Retail Federation. The drop in holiday sales reflects the fact... Continue Reading →

Oil price slide rocks world economy

2 December 2014 Shock waves from last Thursday’s decision by the Saudi-led oil cartel, OPEC, not to cut production in the face of an oversupply on world markets have reverberated throughout the global economy, hitting energy and mining companies as well as financial markets, and threatening whole economies with bankruptcy. The most immediate impact of... Continue Reading →

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