Why It’s Impossible to Indict a Cop It’s not just Ferguson—here’s how the system protects police.

By Chase Madar December 03, 2014 "ICH" - "The Nation" - How to police the police is a question as old as civilization, now given special urgency by a St. Louis County grand jury’s return of a “no bill” of indictment for Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson in his fatal shooting of an unarmed... Continue Reading →

Bankers Who Commit Fraud, Like Murderers, Are Supposed to Go to Jail

By Dean Baker December 03, 2014 "ICH" - "CEPR" -  Wow, some things are really hard for elite media types to understand. In his column in the Washington Post, Richard Cohen struggles with how we should punish bankers who commit crimes like manipulating foreign exchange rates (or Libor rates, or pass on fraudulent mortgages in... Continue Reading →

Obama: War Criminal, Tyrant, Torturer, Racist, Corporate Tool, World-Class Thug

By Stephen Lendman December 03, 2014 "ICH" - His record speaks for itself. Ideologically over-the-top. Lawless. Reckless. Ruthless by any standard. Reflecting the worst of rogue leadership. Mocking democratic values. Breaching rule of law principles. Riding roughshod over responsible governance. Serving monied interests exclusively. They never had it so good. Responsible for protracted Main Street... Continue Reading →

In US-Supported Egypt, 188 Protesters Are Sentenced to Die Days After Mubarak is Effectively Freed

By Glenn Greenwald   December 03, 2014 "ICH" - "The Intercept" - Ever since then-army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi led a coup against the country’s elected president, Mohamed Morsi, the coup regime has become increasingly repressive, brutal and lawless. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, the Obama administration has become increasingly supportive of the despot in Cairo,... Continue Reading →

Made in the USA – How the Ukrainian Government is Giving Away Citizenships so Foreigners Can Run the Country

By Michael Krieger I hadn’t written a single piece on the U.S.-Ukraine-Russia quagmire for the entirety of 2014, until Monday when I published: Tensions Between the U.S. and Russia Are Worse Than You Realize – Remarks by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Now I can hardly think of anything else. The reason the geopolitical hot zone has so... Continue Reading →

No to War, Hot or Cold, With Russia

By Dennis Kucinich Editor’s note: The following was adapted from an email by former Rep. Dennis Kucinich to his subscribers. December 02, 2014 "ICH" - "Truthdig" - U.S.-Russia relations have deteriorated severely in the past decade and they are about to get worse, if the House passes H. Res. 758. NATO encirclement, the U.S.-backed coup... Continue Reading →

Ron Paul Weighs In On Obama’s New Pentagon Chief

Video Ron Paul: 'Minding our own business would be best for US' Hawks are growing in number, and I think they are going to keep escalating the war. Posted December 03, 2014 http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article40376.htm

Ferguson Reexamined

By Paul Craig Roberts Few, if any, of the correct questions were asked in the grand jury hearing to decide whether policeman Darren Wilson would be indicted for killing Michael Brown. The most important unexamined question is whether police are trained to use force immediately as a first resort before they assess a situation or... Continue Reading →

How the St. Louis prosecuting attorney manipulated the Ferguson grand jury

By John Burton 3 December 2014 Over the past week, multiple media outlets and commentators have claimed that Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch’s announcement that the St. Louis County grand jury would not indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson established that his firing of twelve shots at unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, killing him, was not a... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong protest leadership divided after police clashes

By Peter Symonds 3 December 2014 In the wake of violent clashes between protesters and police on late Sunday night and Monday, the three founders of Occupy Central announced yesterday that they would hand themselves into police. They called for an end to the two months of protests. The two student organisations involved in the... Continue Reading →

Egyptian dictator al-Sisi signs military, economic deals in Paris

By Kumaran Ira 3 December 2014 In his first trip to Europe, beginning last week in Rome, Egyptian dictator General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stopped in Paris on November 26-27, holding talks with Socialist Party (PS) President François Hollande, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, top officials including the speakers of both houses... Continue Reading →

Spain wracked by corruption scandal

By Carlos Hernández 3 December 2014 The Popular Party (PP) government used its majority in Spain’s Congress last week to force through two anti-corruption laws. The laws had been delayed for months by the refusal of opposition parties to agree to a cross-party pact on corruption proposed by PP Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy last year.... Continue Reading →

Australian military launches first amphibious assault ship

By James Cogan 3 December 2014 The Australian Navy’s first Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD), HMAS Canberra, was officially commissioned in Sydney Harbour on November 28. With a displacement of 27,500 tonnes and length of 233 metres, it is the largest vessel ever put into service by the Australian military. A second LHD, named Adelaide, is... Continue Reading →

NATO prepares “rapid reaction force” for confrontation with Russia

By Bill Van Auken 3 December 2014 The NATO foreign ministers meeting held in Brussels Tuesday ratcheted up tensions between the West and Russia, solidifying plans for a 5,000-member “rapid reaction force” that could be quickly deployed to the Russian border. The annual end-of-the-year meeting was convened amid heated charges exchanged between Moscow on the... Continue Reading →

Obama’s paramilitary police: The “war on terror” comes home

3 December 2014 The most significant outcome of the series of meetings with cabinet officials, police officers and “civil rights” leaders organized by the Obama administration on Monday was the president’s rejection of any measures to rein in the militarization of local police forces. The meetings were held to provide the appearance of sympathy for... Continue Reading →

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