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Politics, Financial Fraud and the “Big Three” Credit Ratings Agencies

World Bank Whistleblower Reveals How The Global Elite Rules The World

The Police State Is Upon Us

Capitalism Killing the Earth and its People

Greece’s New Finance Minister Newsnight Interview


Greece’s new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis interviewed on 30 January 2015 on BBC’s Newsnight.

“As a fan of the BBC, I must say I was appalled by the depths of inaccuracy in the reporting underpinning this interview (not to mention the presenter’s considerable rudeness). Still, and despite the cold wind on that balcony, it was fun!” – Yanis Varoufakis

January 31, 2015

Who’s the “Low Life Scum:” Kissinger or CODEPINK?

Syria? Yes, We are Responsible

Russian Aggression And The BBC’s Drums Of Nuclear War

March To Folly In Ukraine

The Coming Biological Infowar: US Proposes DNA Database

Is Washington Financing Terrorism? Islamic State (ISIS) Mercenary Admits Getting Funds from US

A Crazy Thought: Is Gold Money? The US “Claims” to Possess 8400 Tons of Gold

Obama administration moves to open US coastlines to offshore drilling

Germany to send troops into northern Iraq

Australian government plunged into leadership crisis by Murdoch intervention

UK’s first privatised hospital fails

New Zealand Internet and Mana Parties split following electoral debacle

Police murders and the criminalization of protest in America

Degenerate, barbarian modern European “values”

Classified: US Military Imposes ‘Startling’ Blackout on Key Details of War in Afghanistan

Corporate Media Propaganda and CIA Covert Ops

Britain’s Sky News TV Portrays Ukraine’s “Far Right” Neo-Nazis as “Heroes”

French Police Question 8-Year-Old on Suspicion of “Defending Terrorism”

J’accuse!: The Elephant in the Room of Anti-Semitism

Britain’s Trident “Nuclear Deterrent”: Instruments of Armageddon

China’s “New Silk Road”. “One Belt and One Road”: Strategic Eurasia Land and Sea Transport Corridors

Sydney siege inquest: An exercise in damage control

Indonesian authorities prepare for more executions

Germany moves into deflation as global bond prices point to deepening slump

Texas, Georgia execute intellectually disabled death row inmates

EU foreign ministers toughen sanctions against Russia

The class character of Syriza revealed

Naval base in Cuba would be Russia’s best response to US hawks

How to destroy Europe, in five easy steps

US State Department Collaborating with Deposed Thai Dictator

Democracy Rising: Syriza, the Struggle for Dignity, Solidarity and the Rebirth of the European Left

Code Pink Tries to Arrest Kissinger for ‘War Crimes

Trojan Hearse:Greek Elections and the Euro Leper Colony

Is Democracy Dead In The West?

There Is No such Category In American Law As Enemy Combatant

How Obama Can Stop Netanyahu’s Iran War

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