Anti-NATO parties win elections in Finland. PM concedes



According to the general elections that took place in Finland on Sunday, the incumbent PM Alexander Stubb lost with only 18.2 % of the vote. The National Coalition Party, which he runs, came in third.

Both NATO and the European Union are left without strong support now.

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Anti-NATO Centre Party, which won the elections, gained 21.1 % and 49 parliamentary seats correspondingly.

Party leader Juha Sipila claimed that the election results “will enable several possible coalition combinations.”

The most probable partner for the ruling coalition is the nationalist Finns Party, which acquired 17.6 % and is also opposed to NATO.

The Social Democratic Party, second possible coalition partner, captured 16.5 % of the votes. It is noteworthy, that 91 % of the party members oppose themselves to NATO.

The Greens, the Left party, the pro-minority Swedish People’s Party and the Christian Democrats can also be considered as possible members of the new coalition.


Read article in Russian on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

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