Ron Paul: USA arms supply to Ukraine amid a wave of political assassination



Two famous Ukrainian opposition leaders were killed in daylight within past few days. Earlier other ten opposition figures also have been killed or committed suicide under suspicious circumstances. All these persons have one common thing: they were close to the former Ukrainian government of Yanoukivich.

The reaction of the US government to the series of political killings in Ukraine was null.

But when the murder of well known political opposition person Boris Nemtsov took place in Russia, Pravda.Ru published wrote about it, Washington immediately urged Moscow to conduct investigation and accused Kremlin that it was “politically engaged”

Now says Ron Paul, the White House simply “shut up” multiple consecutive deaths in Ukraine despite the fact that murdered politicians and journalists were also disagree with the official Kiev which policy is supported by the West.

“How Kiev can respect the ceasefire, if the US sent arms to the Kiev government for $ 350 million and most experienced military trainers? Is not it a” green light “for Kiev to re-start the fighting in the south-east of the country?” – Says watching for a while, Ron Paul.


Read article in Russian on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Read more on the subject here

USA are not able to overcome S-300 air defense system

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