Not in God’s Name: Confronting the Ideology of “Political Zionism”

Global Research, June 06, 2015

U.S.-Protesters-Demonstrate-Against-Netanyahu-400x224If you are a Jewish family living in Europe, you are expected to conform to the mindset that the state of Israel is your personal insurance policy should anti-Semitism again become mainstream and Jews are prohibited from holding public office, or any office. A time when concentration camps will spring up in London’s Hyde Park and under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. A time when the horrors of another Holocaust could be visited upon the now reborn Jewish communities of France and England.  

That is what Mr Netanyahu and his extremist right-wing government would have you believe as they continue with their illegal settlement of now 400,000 Israeli citizens in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank, in violation of the 4th Geneva Convention on Human Rights (GCIV). That is what they would have you believe as they continue their blockade of essential goods and services to 1.8 million ordinary families in Gaza in a deliberate policy to starve the indigenous population into submission in this, its eighth year and subsequent to the attempt by the IDF to totally destroy the infrastructure during its viciously unprovoked attack upon the civilian population in July 2014. And Mr Netanyahu is not wrong, as his policies are increasingly successful in driving anti-Jewish sentiment throughout Europe in an expression of disgust at this anachronistic, neo-colonialism of the 21st century, supported and funded by a United States Congress paid to carry out the will of the American Zionist Council.

That the UN General Assembly Resolution 181, for partition, in 1947 was a substantial error of judgement being an act of political expediency by a minority of the international community, is only now being fully appreciated for the terrible tragedy that it has become as the Middle East descends into a violent chaos unknown in modern times. This is the legacy of a political movement that has been allowed to circumvent international law in its bid for regional power and hegemony and to indulge in criminal activity in the Occupied Territories – supported and funded, even today, by a lobby in America that allows others to bear the direct consequences of its actions.

Yet the situation is even worse than that which is already apparent for Israel is, in addition to being a neo-colonial power, also the only undeclared nuclear weapons state on the planet with an estimated secret arsenal of up 400 nuclear warheads – entirely outside the inspection of the IAEA. This is a brief snapshot of the result of the global submission to the neo-colonial ideology of Political Zionism in the 21st century. That there is an urgent requirement for a paradigm shift to be initiated by the European Union, is a need that now screams out for action.

The continuing dispossession and persecution of an indigenous people that has been the regional majority in the Holy Land, uninterrupted for over a thousand years, is a movement that now needs to be confronted and discontinued without further delay. Otherwise, there will be a war that will impact not only the Middle East but the whole of Europe. There is an urgent imperative for action. The European Union must act because Political Zionism is a movement that is very clearly not in God’s name.

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