British Prime Minister Cameron Orders RAF Bombings of Syria without Parliamentary Approval. Commits UK on US TV to War against Islamic State

Global Research, July 19, 2015

blair-cameronImage: David Icke 2011

David Cameron speaking in an interview with US TV network NBC about western bombing raids in Syria has said he wants “the UK to do more but that he needs to “take Parliament with him”.”

Cameron’s words come as a closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Friday we reported that British pilots have been actively involved in NATO missions bombing Syria and apart from Cameron, and presumably his inner circle, British parliament has not been included in the decision making process.

RAF pilots involved are part of an exchange program with foreign forces but the idea that they could be used in active missions opposed by parliament in 2013 weakens British democracy.

Since Cameron won the General Election in May 2015 gaining a majority of just 12 to govern the UK, his party has attempted a series of measures to undermine democracy in the UK.

Up for watering down are the Hunting Act, Trade Union Rights and the Human Rights Act; add to that Social Security which was ravaged in the emergency budget last week and it does not take a genius to work out Cameron’s plans for the next five years.

In 2013, mainly with the help of Labour leader Ed Miliband, parliament scuppered Cameron’s plans to join the US launching air strikes into Syria.

It was a popular decision as the British people have neither the stomach, nor if austerity is the name of the game, the funds for another war.

Not so very long ago the west was calling rebels in Syria the real government of that country. The west was keen to help these rebels come terrorists come revolutionaries to overthrown the Assad government.

Then the antagonists fractured into groups, some taking a wealth of weapons supplied by the west, and turned on all and sundry.

Syria continues to struggle along as a broken country with no peace in sight.

Since the 2013 ‘No vote’ in British parliament we have all watched with horror footage of beheadings, atrocities against gays and non-Muslims and experienced a wave of terror attacks in the Middle East and at home.

Will bombing raids by the west in Syria help the people of Syria? How many civilians will be caught up in such bombing missions? Will such raids defeat Islamic State or make new terrorists happy to take part and achieve ‘martyrdom’?

The west at time of writing refuses to liaise with President Assad of Syria and help remove IS terrorists from that country or elsewhere.

If we are truly committed to stopping Islamic State we would surely be prepared to join forces with the Syrian leader and his forces.

But from day one we have had our own agenda in Syria which includes ousting President Assad.

David Cameron would do well to talk to the British people and parliament before he lets his mouth run off in an interview with NBC.

As Cameron’s NBC interview was reported in the UK Lord Richards, former chief of defence staff was appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show and he called for a new “grand strategy” to defeat IS, saying the UK should get on a “war footing”.

BBC News reports “Mr Cameron is due to use a speech on Monday to warn young Britons tempted to join IS fighters they will end up as little more than “cannon fodder”. “If you are a boy, they will brainwash you, strap bombs to your body and blow you up. If you are a girl, they will enslave and abuse you,” he will say.”

The west helped open a Pandora’s Box in the Middle East; there is no going back but do we really want another war?

Footnote: If the US and its allies were hoping the nuclear deal this week would bring that country onside in the fight against Islamic State they were wrong-France 24 reports ”Nuclear deal will not alter Iran’s policy toward ‘arrogant’ US, says Khamenei.”

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