What Price Democracy When the World Is Dependent upon the Ambition of a Pro-Israel US Senator with Divided Loyalties?

Global Research, July 19, 2015

Iran-P5+1-400x329What price democracy when the world is dependent upon the ambition of just one, pro-Israel, US senator with divided loyalties?

Israel, is now a beleaguered state that hides behind a 2m high wall, whose discredited prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has been reduced to a figure of ridicule as he angrily denounced the UN Security Council and all the P5+1 states for seeking a rapprochement with Iran – a state that, unlike his own, has no nuclear weapons.

As the economic sanctions that were imposed upon Iran as a result of a stratagem by an Israeli state established in 1948, are now to be lifted, the world is rushing to invest in the rich and diversified Iranian economy which, as Persia, is one of the oldest, influential and best-known nations in the Middle East with a culture that stretches back many centuries.

However, this important accord, agreed to by over half the world after many, many months of often tortuous negotiation, can now be torpedoed by just one man who desperately wants to become Democratic Senate leader within the next eighteen months and who just happens to be a close personal friend of – guess who – non other than discredited Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu!

So now, Mr Potential Senate Leader becomes the most important man in the world – which is a kick in the face for the entire European Union as well as the White House, China and Russia! Does it make sense? Absolutely not! Legislation in the United States is desperately in need of amendment in order to comply with the democratic principles of the rest of the free world. And that time is now!


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