gallery Tony Blair: Towards A Citizen’s Arrest of a Renowned War Criminal?

Global Research, August 13, 2015
Lankaweb 12 August 2015

tony-blair-03With a bounty on his head for complicity that led to a million or more deaths an invasion based on lies and a dossier full of allegations of conflict of interest, Tony Blair declared guilty as a war criminal by the People’s Court has arrived in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks. More than suspicious having browsed through the portfolio of side-dealings associated with Blair ever since he left office in 2007. Not motivated by money, he says read on to understand how he represents the imperial agenda that is now slowly descending on Asia having destroyed the Middle East and neutralized the American public into a nation suffering the ills of Western liberalism.

If Iraq was an invasion based on lies it means that everything that followed were also lies. What about the highly classified program of secret detention and ‘extraordinary rendition’ of terrorist suspects who were seized and secretly flown across national borders to be interrogated by foreign governments that used torture, or by the CIA itself in clandestine “black sites” using torture techniques. Ranil Wickremasinghe PM in 2002 collaborated with the US torture/rendition program and allowed CIA to use the international airport as a transit point. These tortures were violations of international humanitarian law & Geneva Conventions.

In inquiry into Britains role in Iraq was ordered by PM Gordon Brown in 15 June 2009 and headed by Sir John Chilcot. That report is unlikely to be released on account of the damaging contents and the implications to the UK Govt and Tony Blair in particular.

Why Tony Blair is a War Criminal


  • Blair committed a crime against peace under Nuremberg Principles “planning, preparing, initiation or waging of a war of aggression”. Iraq war was a crime of aggression and violated Article 33 and Article 51 of the UN Charter
  • Blair knowingly broke international law – 8 months before Iraq invasion Lord Goldsmith senior legal advisor in the British Government informed Blair that attacking Iraq would be a breach of international law/UN Charter. Lord Goldsmith stated that Britain could not use ‘self defense’ because Iraq had not threatened Britain. Blair ignored Goldsmith’s letter and banned him from attending cabinet meetings and denied him going public.
  • Blair ignored his own Cabinet – Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s advice that Britain had no legal conditions for war were ignored.
  • Blair lied that the UN Security Council Resolution 1441 authorized war. This resolution passed on 8 Nov 2002 gave Iraq a final opportunity to comply with disarmament obligations but the Resolution did not authorize war.
  • Blair lied, deceived and mislead the British to hype a false threat from Iraq to justify war.
    • Example 1: In April 2002 Blair claimed Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of chemical & biological weapons (inspite of British intelligence saying the contrary a month before)
    • Example 2: Blair claimed publicly that Iraq posed a regional threat. The previous month a cabinet paper says Saddam was not a serious threat to neighbors.
    • Example 3: Bush and Blair in a joint press conference quoted IAEA to claim Iraq was 6 months away from developing a nuclear weapon. IAEA spokesman Mark Gwozdecky denied the agency issued such a report.
    • Example 4: Blair claimed in September 2002 that Iraq had “existing and active military plans for the use of chemical and biological weapons which could be activated within 45 minutes” Another lie.
  • Documents released by the US have revealed that thousands of pounds worth of gifts had been exchanged between George Bush and Tony Blair all of which were not declared. Mr Blair received undeclared gifts worth £2,700.

Blairs lies & illegal war on Iraq has resulted in


  • At least 108,000 Iraqi civilian deaths (Iraq Body Count Project) following the 2003 March invasion
  • Tens and thousands of Iraqis are wounded, traumatized and millions are displaced.
  • Lies & an illegal war has left 5000 military personnel dead
  • The environment of Iraq is destroyed having dropped banned chemicals
  • Children are born deformed, water is polluted, there is no end to bombing.
  • Iraq is being divided using imperialist agents the ISIS to create a buffer zone for the West, advertisements selling property to Westerners are a clue of what is in store.
  • The whole nation of Iraq has been destroyed following a meticulous plan by a handful of people whose sadism and greed knows no bounds.

Tony Blair the Imperialist :

  • UK Telegragh Jun 2015 article discloses Blairs business empire
  • UK taxpayer is paying upto £16,000 a week to help the former prime minister who travels round the world with police bodyguards, flying private sets and staying in 5-start hotels to build his business empire (conflict of interest in joining private and official trips) Tony Blair Inc spent £57m in four years
  • Blair had visited 5 countries a week costing the public between £14,000 and £16,000
  • Blair secured a £1.1 million private consultancy contract (through his firm Tony Blair Associates) with the World Bank the same Bank he works with as Middle East envoy representing UN, US, EU & Russia. While negotiating as envoy for funding for Palestine he is also involved in personal commercial deals. At times official assistance is solicited for personal business interests including briefs on countries! Blurring the lines between official and commercial activities has become a hallmark of Blair
  • Blair is also friends with Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia
  • Blairs 2 companies Windrush Ventures Limited and Windrush Ventures No.1 Limited is said to pay money for Blair’s Government Advisory Practice.
  • In 2007 Blair charges £200,000 to give a speech to businessmen & government officials in China & is criticized by local media for his fees.
  • Blair created charity African Governance Initiative (AGI) begins advising Rwandan and Sierra Leone Government as well as Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson. In Dec 2011 he starts advising the Guinea government to improve image after mass civil unrest. In August 2012 his AGI starts advising Malawi President. His next stop was Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • In January 2008 it was reported that Blair was earning around £2million annually from Wall Street bank JP Morgan for strategic advice on global poltiical issues! he visited Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan in his capacity as paid adviser to JP Morgan
  • In 2008 for £5million annually a Swiss financial company says they signed up Blair to advise on developments and trends in the international political environment.
  • Also in 2008 Blair signs up with South Korea’s UI Energy Corporation to advise it on oil in US & Iraq.
  • In 2009 Blair visits Gaddafi in Libya meeting him 6 times in 3 years since 2007. Blair flies on a private jet paid by Gaddafi. Blair sets up Firerush Ventures Limited and thereafter Firerush Ventures No.1 Limited to advise on sovereign wealth funds
  • Tony Blair Associates announces in July 2009 its deal to advise Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund Mubadala worth more than £44billion.
  • Tony Blair Associates secures contract with PetroSaudi oil for £41,000 a month and a two per cent commission on any of the deals he helps broker
  • Blair also strikes a deal with Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev to advise him (Nov 2011) and to manage his image after slaughter of unarmed civilians
  • In Dec 2011 Blair begins advising Guinea government
  • Blairs role in Vietnam was to provide a team of consultants to work in Vietnam funded by UAE (Islamization of Vietnam!)
  • Blair also struck a deal at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to advise Peru on public-private partnerships (PPP) – which may be one reason why he’s in Sri Lanka!
  • Blair says his involvement in Myanmar is pro-bono.
  • In 2013 Blair begins contract with Mongolia – perfect time as Mongolia just discovered copper and gold!
  • Blair Associates also begins advising Albania, Blair’s wife Cherie’s law firm, Omnia Strategy also gets appointed to act on behalf of Albania in a £250 million legal dispute
  • Blair is also involved in Colombo where a deal enables his firm to monitor redistribution of billions earned by Colombia’s mining.
  • Blair began advising Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta through his African Government Initative (AGI). Incidentally Kenyatta has been indicted by the ICC for killings in 2007 but later cleared.
  • Blairs work in Serbia was funded by UAE
  • In May 2015 Blair stepped down as Quartet representative after criticism about his diplomatic role being compromised with his lucrative consultancy work/business deals with governments around the world.
  • Between May 2010-Oct 2012 Blair has visited Argentina, the USA, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Oman, Jordan, Israel, Qatar, China, Kazakhstan, and Burma
  • USAID awards $625,965 (£405,000) to Cherie Blair’s charity Foundation for Women
  • USAID awarded Blairs African Government Intiaitve £550,000 in 2011
  • Tony Blair is facing accusations that his multifaith charity has links to an Islamic extremist group – The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which was established in 2008 to help combat extremism, is being advised by a Muslim leader who is alleged to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood
  • The level that Tony Blair can stoop to can be understood by reading this
  • Sir Christopher Meyer, British ambassador to Washington between 1997 and 2003 described Mr Blair as “more evangelical than the American Christian Right”.

To cap off lies that led to a destruction of a nation, the sophisticated network of dealings is Blair’s promiscuity having made headlines by headlines around the world last year following sensational allegations he had an affair with Wendi Deng wife of Rupert Murdock, which prompted the billionaire media mogul to divorce her. What is incredible is that Murdock had been paying Blair $100,000 to his Faith Foundation through Murdocks’ News Corp! Blair repays the thanks by going to bed with the Bible and Murdocks wife!
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Arrest Blair

A website has put a bounty on the arrest of Tony Blair and even advises people who to make a citizens arrest. Six such attempts have been made so far. The first in 2010 by Grace McCann as Blair was leaving the Chilcot Inquiry. The next by David Cronin who approached Blair who did get close enough to say ‘this is a citizens arrest’.

In 2012 Tom Grundy attempted to arrest Tony Blair while he was speaking at Hong Kong University. Then came Twiggy Garcia’s attempt in 2014 while Blair came to the pub. Therefore, it goes to show that the people are very angry with Tony Blair for his role in totally ruining a nation.

Hiding behind a pretentious FAITH foundation, war criminal Blair is aligned with Saudi and allies to arm and fund Islamic extremists the world over while helping spread Wahhabi Islam which helps Western imperialists use their ‘intervention’ to invade, occupy and take over nations while changing the demography using their Evangelical organizations now cleverly linked as NGOs to Western Government funds and posing as bogus ‘civil society’ agents.

In viewing the manner Blair has nicely set himself up as an agent of a global imperial agenda his 2 week visit to Sri Lanka is no holiday and it would be good for the Muslim journalists of Sri Lanka to seek an interview with Blair and question him on the lies that destroyed a fellow Muslim nation and led to the destabling of the entire Middle East as well.

Shenali D Waduge

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