Why Jeremy Corbyn’s Popularity Frightens the British Government and Media

Global Research, August 26, 2015
Stop the War Coalition

jeremy-corbyn2-400x224The British political and media establishment is aware that Jeremy Corbyn’s win in the Labour leadership election would present a very significant obstacle to the political and militarist business as usual. Having a leading peace campaigner as leader of the opposition puts the anti-war argument centre-stage and can potentially help to mobilise vast swathes of the public against social injustices and endless wars. His popularity demonstrates that there is a great hunger for change.

The potential is shown by the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has called for the Labour Party to apologise for the Iraq War. The invasion of Iraq clearly broke international law and was based on concocted intelligence dossiers, as Dr David Kelly noted shortly before his unexplained death. The invasion led to the death of around a million Iraqis, and an unquantifiable amount of suffering. It also set off the cycle of hatred and violence which is still enveloping the Middle East and North Africa. Hear Lindsey Germanspeak on Channel 4 News in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s call for the Labour Party to apologise for the war.

Don’t miss Stop the War’s national conference

2015 National Conference

Stop the War’s AGM for members and delegates

10am – 5pm 19th September 2015

University of London Union

Malet Street

London WC1E 7HY

Jeremy Corbyn will be speaking at the Stop the War national conference, which is where we discuss the politics of the present situation, the risks of the spread of war and our campaigning priorities. The conference is open to members and group delegates. The deadline to become a member of Stop the War so you can attend the conference is the end of this month. Please make sure you book early to secure your place.

Full details of the AGM can be found on our web site.

Don’t Bomb Syria public meeting

Thursday 10 September, 6.30pm

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church

235 Shaftsbury Avenue

London WC2H 8EP

Speakers include:

Diane Abbott MP

Seamus Milne, journalist

Andrew Murray, UNITE chief-of-staff

Details and booking »

See the action page for more details about how you can get involved.

The West’s guilt for refugees fleeing war can’t be washed away by calling them migrants

The UN confirmed that the overwhelming majority of people fleeing are refugees from Anglo-American wars. Instead of welcoming these people with care and hospitality, they are being “greeted” with heartless xenophobia. Stop the War Coalition advocates for the compassionate treatment of all refugees, and for an end to vicious military interventions which have created this immense refugee crisis.

Campaigning costs money and we need your support. Pleasejoin or donate.

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