Russian President Vladimir Putin Speaks At UN

US President Obama Addresses UN

Video Obama Issues Strong Condemnation of Russia in UN Speech President Obama issued a strong condemnation of Russian President Vladimir Putin's use of force in Ukraine in an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, warning world leaders of "dangerous currents" that stand to threaten international stability. "We cannot stand by when the... Continue Reading →

War Without Mercy on Yemen: The Saudi-US Massacres Continues

Video "Look at what these criminals are doing" WARNING Videos should only be viewed by a mature audience. Posted September 25, 2015

Putin: Does Anyone Even Listen To Us?

Video "We are not invading anyone?" - "Why are you threatening us?" Putin answers questions from a UK journalist in relation to his intentions of getting along with the US. The treaty that he refers to in the conversation is the The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM Treaty or ABMT). The United States withdrew in 2002.... Continue Reading →

US to Station and Deploy Twenty New B61-12 Nuclear Warheads in Germany: Report

By Press TV Global Research, September 24, 2015 Press TV 23 September 2015 The United States Air Force (USAF) is going to station 20 new B61-12 nuclear bombs in Germany, each 80 times more destructive than the one used on Hiroshima, a report says. The nukes will be deployed to Luftwaffe’s Büchel Air Base in the... Continue Reading →

Settlers Gawk as Palestinian Woman Lies Dying at Checkpoint

By Philip Weiss Global Research, September 23, 2015 Mondoweiss Image: Soldier at Hebron checkpoint points gun at Hadeel Hashlamoun, 18, before she is shot On Yom Kippur, there is one story from Israel and Palestine: the killing of 18-year-old Hadeel Hashlamoun at a Hebron checkpoint after she was confronted by soldiers pointing guns. Youth Against Settlements... Continue Reading →

Source: Noam Chomsky: George Orwell, the Suppression of Ideas and the Myth of American Exceptionalism:    Information Clearing House - ICH

US Branded Cameron ‘Incompetent’ over Syria, Felt ‘F*cked Over’ on Libya – Lord Ashcroft

By RTSeptember 22, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - "RT" -  General David Richards had to tell Prime Minister David Cameron his time as an army cadet at Eton did not qualify him to dictate military strategy and tactics, harsh new revelations of the PM’s war record claim. The latest revelations by former Tory donor Lord... Continue Reading →

How Dangerous is Nuclear Israel: A Short Independent Film Report

By Alltime Conspiracies Global Research, September 22, 2015 Alltime Conspiracies 11 July 2015 ‘The dangers posed by Israel are far too great for the international community to continue to ignore!’ An EU poll named Israel as the country that possess the biggest threat to world peace. With an arsenal of undeclared nuclear weapons, a reputation... Continue Reading →

British Army would use “Whatever Means Possible” should Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister. British General

There has been some debate about the significance of a warning issued this weekend through Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times by a British general that the army would “mutiny” and use “whatever means possible, fair or foul” should the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ever get near 10 Downing Street. Here is what the general says:... Continue Reading →

Greece — The One Biggest Lie You Are Being Told By The Media

First published in July 2015 By Truth and Satire Every single mainstream media has the following narrative for the economic crisis in Greece: the government spent too much money and went broke; the generous banks gave them money, but Greece still can’t pay the bills because it mismanaged the money that was given. It sounds... Continue Reading →

Tortured & Enslaved: Enter the World’s Biggest Prison

By Abby Martin Video The Empire holds by far the most prisoners than any other country on earth, in both absolute numbers and per capita. Abby Martin explores the dark reality of America's prisons: their conditions, who is warehoused in them, and the roots of mass incarceration. Featuring interviews with Eddie Conway, former political prisoner... Continue Reading →

Amnesty Has Lost Its Way

By Norman G. Finkelstein Video "Something has seriously gone wrong with Amnesty international, it has lost its way" September 19, 2015

 Palestinian Elder Fearlessly Confronts Israeli Soldiers

Video This video shows a Palestinian elder with a paper model of the kind of rocket the Palestinian resistance fires from Gaza as he fearlessly confronts Israeli occupation forces in the Bab al-Zawiya neighborhood of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron on Friday. Posted September 18, 2015   Via See also - :... Continue Reading →

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