Putin explains Russia's position on Syria. Washington promises more isolation to Russia Source: Putin: Russia supports and will support the Syrian government - English pravda.ru

Source: Snowden: Traitor or Hero? - English pravda.ru

Meeting in Dushanbe (Tadjikistan) on the 15th September 2015, the heads of the member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) strongly denounced terrorism in Iraq and Syria, particularly that of the phoney Islamic Emirate (« Daesh »). The heads of the member states of the CSTO stated that their organisation could now deploy... Continue Reading →

Hostile BBC Interview of a Saudi Loyalist Shows Prime Journalistic Duty: Scrutiny of One’s Own Side

By Glenn Greenwald September 15, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - "The Intercept" - The ongoing atrocities by Saudi Arabia and its “coalition partners” in Yemen reflect powerfully – and horribly – on both the U.S. and UK. That’s true not only because those two countries in general are among the closest allies of the Saudi... Continue Reading →

Source: Charlie Hebdo Reopens Freedom Of Speech Debate With Cartoons Depicting Death Of Aylan Kurdi | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

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