Nazism in Israel

Global Research, September 17, 2015

Israel_Palestine_FlagIsrael treats Arabs the way Nazis treated Jews – a racist, fascist, white Jewish supremacist (the chosen people nonsense), Arab-hating society systematically ghettoizing and terrorizing people for praying to the wrong God.

Palestinians are treated like subhumans, enduring virtually every type indignity and mistreatment under brutalizing militarized rule, civil justice denied.

Institutionalized racism worse than South African apartheid denies them fundamental human and civil rights. De-Arabization is official Israeli policy. Occupation harshness facilitates slow-motion genocide.

Millions suffer horrifically. Anyone resisting tyranny is eliminated – brutalized, imprisoned or murdered.

Muhammad Allan is a Palestinian political prisoner – rearrested at Barzilai hospital before his release to be transferred to a West Bank hospital to continue his recovery process after a 66-day hunger strike for justice, leaving him close to death and brain damaged. More on this below.

In 2006, he was arrested for the first time and sentenced to three years imprisonment. He committed no crimes. In 2011, he was detained and brutally interrogated for 50 days.

On November 6, 2014, he was again arrested and held indefinitely under draconian administrative detention – uncharged and untried. After months in prison, he began his heroic, debilitating hunger strike.

“Administrative detention returns us to slavery, and therefore I refuse to be a slave to anyone,” he said. “The truth is that I currently prefer hunger as long as freedom is the goal in the absence of law in Israeli courts. So, I found myself forced to fight this battle.”

With no explanation or proof provided, Israel calls him a threat to society – a catchall pretext to target any Palestinian illegally, detain them, and hold them indefinitely in brutalizing confinement.

The Addameer prisoner support group calls administrative detention “a tool of punishment in the absence of clear evidence regarding committing a specific action.”

It constitutes a grave violation of international humanitarian law. It’s longstanding Israeli practice. On September 16, Israeli forces rearrested Allan at Barzilai hospital – shortly after his release forms were signed in early morning.

Police said he’ll remain incarcerated until hisNovember 4 administration detention period ends – after which it can be automatically renewed indefinitely, six-month periods at a time.

According to his lawyer, Jamil al-Khatib, he immediately resumed hunger striking for justice – to death if that’s what it takes. Addameer said rearresting him “despite his unstable critical health condition and after suspending his administrative detention order for weeks only confirms the arbitrariness and reprisal nature of the arrest.”

It further demonstrates the complicity of the hospital’s administration with the occupation’s intelligence forces and judicial system who aim to hold Palestinians in detention for as long as possible even if without charges or trial.

Administrative or other forms of detention without charges or trial violates Fourth Geneva’s Article 78 – limiting it for protected persons in cases of alleged security threats to short-term periods.

Detainees have the right of appeal – to “be decided with the least possible delay.” Article 75 of Geneva’s Additional Protocol I affirms the right to a fair trial before an independent, impartial judiciary. Israeli military courts deny it. Guilt by accusation is virtually automatic.

Israel is a serial international law violator, masquerading as democratic. What’s next for Allan remains to be seen. His long ordeal for justice continues.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

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