‘France is at War’: In the Wake of the Paris Attacks, Hollande Unleashes Extreme Police State Measures

Global Research, November 18, 2015
21st Century Wire 17 November 2015

francois-hollande-400x249French President Francois Hollande saysFrance is at war“, and Syria is “the biggest factory of terrorists the world has known.

Some of us might contest that second statement, as Libya, a nation that France itself destroyed, definitely held that crown for a considerable length of time.

In response to the attacks in France, the President has also nowextended the current state of emergency for three more months, so instead of getting back to normality Hollande seems determined to prolong the crisis.

Here is exactly what can happen under a ‘state of emergency’ in France.

Watch a video of this report here:

Free Movement of People

  • Establishment of curfews to prohibit people or vehicles from roaming specific places at times fixed by decree.
  • Establishment of “secure / protected zones”, where the stay of persons is regulated.
  • Prohibition of “any person seeking to hinder, in any manner whatsoever, the actions of the government”.

House Arrest

  • The Minister of the Interior may put under house arrest or restrain to a given city anyone “whose actions may be seen as harmful to public safety and order”.

Closure of Public Places

  • The Minister of the Interior or the prefects may “order the temporary closure of theaters, pubs and meeting places” and “meetings of nature to cause or maintain disorder”

Weapon Confiscation

  • The Minister of the Interior may “order the return of first-, fourth- and fifth-class weapons”, which are handguns, shotguns and hunting rifles.

Searches and The Press

  • The Minister of the Interior can order homes to be searched “day or night”.
  • The Minister of the Interior may “take all measures to ensure control of the press and radio”.
  • The searches can be done without the supervision of a judge.

Military Jurisdiction

  • Military jurisdiction, via an accompanying decree, may “assign to themselves crimes and offenses related to them”.

Punishments for Refusing to Comply

  • Imprisonment of up to two months.
  • A €3750 ($4000) fine.

Therefore, the government essentially becomes judge, jury and executioner in one fell swoop. The Hollande regime, which is certainly an appropriate description under these circumstances, is now effectively in control of the French press, can rule by decree, cannot have any of its actions opposed by anyone, and has the authority to place any naysayer in jail.

If that isn’t the definition of a police state, we don’t know what is!

Moreover, if you were thinking about visiting France in the next three months – don’t bother!


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