New Israeli Stop and Frisk Police State Law Targets Palestinians and Black African Asylum Seekers Exclusively

Global Research, February 04, 2016

Palestinian-Woman-Israeli-Checkpoint-400x269Ostensibly it targets anyone for any reason or none at all – permitting random indiscriminate stop and frisks without just cause.

In fact, it’s directed at Palestinians and Black African asylum seekers, meant to further harass, denigrate and persecute them, another example of Israeli viciousness – a tyrannical fascist regime masquerading as democratic.

Until now, stopping and frisking required just cause, a reasonable suspicion of possible intended wrongdoing. No longer. Anyone can be indiscriminately harassed and humiliated – Palestinians and Black Africans specifically targeted.

MK Michal Rozin blasted the new law, saying it “flagrantly ignore(s) the daily distress of weak groups, who suffer serious discrimination in Israel. Police are no less racist than anyone else.”

Joint (Arab) List MK Jamal Zahalka said the new law “unleashed” security forces to do what they please unaccountably.

Ahead of Monday’s vote, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) warned “Ethiopians, Arabs and people of Middle Eastern appearance (will) suffer.”

Regime officials claimed the measure is meant to deal with ongoing violence – entirely state-sponsored. Notorious racist Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan proposed the new law, saying:

“Following recent terrorist attacks, there is an urgent need to give the police authority to conduct body searches to better deal with knife terrorism” – one of the many regime Big Lies, Erdan adding”

“This is another step I am promoting in a series of decisions to strengthen the police and its authority to increase personal security on the street.”

Police states operate exclusively by their own rules, ignoring fundamental international human rights laws, Israel a notorious violator throughout its sordid history.

Zionist extremism is the scourge of Jews and non-Jews alike – reckless, ruthless, lawless. Israeli racism is institutionalized.

A previous article discussed hardline Knesset members rejection of Joint (Arab) List MK Jamal Zahalka’s draft measure, calling for inclusion of an equality clause in Israel’s Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty.

It considers equality for all its citizens an existential threat. Dozens of racist laws were enacted throughout its history, denigrating Arab citizens, imposing brutal military rule on Occupied Palestinians.

On February 3 alone, Israeli security forces killed three Palestinians, abducted dozens, rampaged through numerous Palestinian communities, terrorized families and traumatized children.

Ramallah is now isolated and blocked, an IDF spokeswoman, saying “(i)n accordance with situation assessments following (a weekend incident), only residents of Ramallah are allowed to enter the city.”

The ban applies to international visitors, more evidence of collective punishment – the way all police states operate.

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