Brexit: The Movie


Brexit: The Movie lays bare the nature of the European Union – and shows why millions of Brits are voting to leave it.

Brexit: The Movie blows apart the pro-EU propaganda, and makes the case for an independent, confident and outward-looking Britain.

Posted June 17, 2016

Brexit: The Movie is a feature-length documentary film to inspire as many people as possible to vote to LEAVE the EU in the June 23rd referendum.

Brexit: The Movie spells out the danger of staying part of the EU. Is it safe to give a remote government beyond our control the power to make laws? Is it safe to tie ourselves to countries which are close to financial ruin, drifting towards scary political extremism, and suffering long-term, self-inflicted economic decline?

Brexit: The Movie shows a side of the EU they don’t want us to see: the sprawling self-serving bureaucracy, the political cynicism, the lack of accountability, the perks, the waste, the cronyism, the corruption.

Brexit: The Movie cuts through the patronizing intellectualism of the noble, higher goals of ‘Project Europe’, to reveal the self-interestedness of the political-bureaucratic class which runs and benefits from the EU.

Brexit: The Movie highlights the danger of becoming a prisoner in an insular, backward-looking Fortress Europe. And it explores the exciting opportunities that open up to us when we look beyond the narrow confines of the EU.

Brexit: The Movie looks to the future, arguing forcefully and persuasively that it is safer and wiser to live in a country which is free, independent, self-governing, confident and global.

A Crowdfunded film for the British public

Brexit : The Movie is a crowdfunded production, financed entirely by donations from the public. It was made possible thanks to the support of more than 1,800 backers, who raised over £300,000 with donations from as little as £1. You can see the list of our incredible backers here.

Our success has been down to the grassroots- with Leave campaign groups and online activists playing a vital role helping us get the word out. Now we’re bringing the Brexit: The Moviecampaign to the streets – if you’d like to flyer for us or host a regional screening please get in touch!

The Team

Brexit: The Movie is written and directed by filmmaker Martin Durkin, and produced by Wag TV.

Martin Durkin

Martin Durkin is a TV producer and documentary film director. He is CEO of Wag TV, which produces TV shows for various broadcasters in America, Britain and worldwide, including Discovery, National Geographic, TLC, Science Channel, Channel Four and Five in Britain. Wag TV was listed among Britain’s top ten television production companies in an industry poll conducted by REAL SCREEN magazine.

Durkin has served on the steering committees of the World Congress of Science Producers and the Edinburgh Television Festival and as a judge for the BAFTA and the Royal Television Society broadcast awards. Of the various prizes he’s won for his films, he is most proud of the Free Enterprise Award, given him by the Institute of Economic Affairs.

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