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Global Research, December 08, 2016
Barack Obama, George W. Bush

How War Propaganda Keeps on Killing

By Robert Parry, December 08 2016

A key reason why American foreign debacles have been particularly destructive mostly to the countries attacked but also to the United States is that these interventions are always accompanied by major U.S. government investments in propaganda. So, even when officials recognize a misjudgment has been made, the propaganda machinery continues to grind on to prevent a timely reversal.

Municipal police officers watch screens in the video surveillance control room of the municipal police supervision centre in Nice

Total Surveillance: Snooping in the United Kingdom

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, December 08 2016

The UK-based Liberty Campaign expressed it most glumly. “The Government’s new Snoopers’ Charter (also known as the Investigatory Powers Bill) will allow the bulk collection of all our personal information. Who we talk to; what we say; where we are; what we look at online – everything.”


The European Union Initiates Cashless Society Project

By Graham Vanbergen, December 08 2016

A few months back The Guardian ran an article stating that “Swedes are blazing a trail in Europe, with banks, buses, street vendors and even churches expecting plastic or virtual payment” as if the cashless society was something to be celebrated by modern society.

boycott israel apartheid palestine

The Ontario Government’s Attack against Palestinian Rights. Condemns BDS Campaign

By AJ Withers, December 08 2016

On December 1st, 2016, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario officially condemned the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign to end Israeli apartheid. Ontario Conservative MPP Gila Martow, who introduced the motion, likened the BDS campaign to the Ku Klux Klan. Both the Liberal and Conservative parties supported the motion; only five New Democrat Party Members voted against it. But, this isn’t the first time that Israel’s occupation of Palestine has been raised at Queen’s Park. A successful campaign against the boycott of Israel won the passage of the Discriminatory Business Practices Act in the 1970s making it illegal for businesses to participate in this and many other boycotts. This law is still on Ontario’s books.

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