Gunman Kills Russian Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara:



A gunman assassinated Russia’s ambassador to Turkey during a gallery opening in the capital, an act that Russian officials called an act of terror and that appeared to be aimed as retribution for the Kremlin’s role in bloodshed in neighboring Syria.

A video taken of the event shows Ambassador Andrey Karlov at the podium surrounded by framed artwork and then flinching when the sound of two gunshots are fired.

“Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria. Until our regions are safe, you won’t have safety. Go Back! Go Back! Only death can take me from here,” shouted the assassin, who walks around holding the pistol toward the assembled crowd of onlookers. “Those who have a part in this atrocity will all pay for it, one by one.”

Posted December 19, 2016

Hasim Kilic, an Ankara reporter for Hurriyet newspaper who was at the event, said during a live broadcast on CNN Turk that there were dozens of rounds of gunfire after the Russian ambassador was shot. Other security officials at the gallery appeared to have gunned down the assassin and Turkey’s state news agency Anadolu reported that he had been “rendered ineffective.”

‘We need to know who gave the orders’: Putin comments on ambassador assassination in Ankara

Gunman who killed Russian ambassador a policeman: Suleyman Soylu said that the gunman was working for the riot police squad in Ankara for the past 2 1/2 years.

US Embassy ‘security incident’ after Russian ambassador shooting in Ankara: THE US Embassy in Ankara is on lockdown after a ‘security incident’ moments after the Russian ambassador shooting this evening.

9 killed, multiple injured as truck plows into Christmas market in Berlin: German newspaper Bild quotes police as saying the attacker is on the run after the crash.

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