gallery Selected Articles: US State-Sanctioned Torture, South America Under Threat, Women’s March for Misogyny?

Global Research, January 26, 2017

State-Sanctioned Torture in the Age of Trump

By Marjorie Cohn, January 26 2017

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump declared he would “immediately” resume waterboarding and would “bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding” because the United States is facing a “barbaric” enemy. He labeled waterboarding a “minor form” of interrogation.


South America Under Threat: U.S. to Set Up a New Military Base in Peru

By Ariel Noyola Rodríguez, January 26 2017

Following the parliamentary impeachment of Dilma Rousseff (Brazil) and Mauricio Macri’s arrival at the Pink House (Argentina), the United States is desperately trying to increase its military presence in Latin America, focussing particular attention on the South Cone. Peru, a member state of the Pacific Alliance, is the most recent victim of Washington’s imperial incursions.

Women take part in a protest against Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Chicago

Women’s March for Misogyny?

By Mark Taliano, January 26 2017

Did the Women’s March, billed as the biggest protest in U.S history, appear prominently on corporate news? If it did, then the death industry Establishment approves of it. MSM promotes war.


Trump Expected To Sign Orders For “Safe Zone” In Syria, Reports

By Brandon Turbeville, January 26 2017

Many hoped that a Trump victory would finally mean the end of terrorism and destabilization in Syria. However, after a week in office, Trump is showing clear signs that he is as much an establishment figure as the rest as time moves on.


The Dysfunctional President… Will the Trump Presidency Prevail?

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Bonnie Faulkner, January 26 2017

Michel Chossudovsky’s latest articles, US Foreign Policy and the Campaign to Destabilize the Trump Presidency and Color Revolution Against Donald Trump are discussed;  Broad implications of normalizing relations with Russia in the Ukraine, Syria and with regard to terrorist assets of the western military alliance.


Selected Articles: US State-Sanctioned Torture, South America Under Threat, Women’s March for Misogyny?

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