gallery Selected Articles: Syria: UN Report Endorses Al Qaeda, Germany to Censor Press and Internet, Turkey: Erdogan’s Exploitation of Islam

Global Research, March 03, 2017


UN Committee Bogus Syria “Human Rights” Report: Endorses Al Qaeda, Questions the Liberation of Aleppo,

By Prof. Tim Anderson, March 03 2017

syria celebrating aleppoA UN committee has produced another one-sided, bogus ‘human rights’ report on last year’s liberation of Aleppo, Syria’s second city. Co-authored by US diplomat Karen AbuZayd and Brazilian Paulo Pinheiro, the report attacks both the Syrian Army and the al Qaeda groups. However its stronger condemnation of the Syrian Army is notable, as part of constant attempts to delegitimise the Syrian people’s struggle to liberate their own country from the NATO-backed terrorists.


Western Media in Big Trouble: Germany To Censor Press, Social Media and Internet Ahead of Elections

By Graham Vanbergen, March 03 2017

Merkel, supported by the EU is planning to impose what can only be described as incredibly strict rules for all communication on the internet as she is now claiming any negative news of her or her party is really instigated by agents of Russia.


In Memory of Vitali Churkin, Russia’s Charismatic Ambassador to the UN

By Carla Stea, March 03 2017

The New York City Medical Examiner failed to discover the cause of Ambassador Churkin’s sudden death, stating that the autopsy is inconclusive and ‘determining the cause and manner of his death requires further study, which could require weeks of further screenings.’  For ten years Churkin had illuminated the corridors of the United Nations, and  a surrealistic atmosphere of disbelief and incredulity now permeates the United Nations, as unanswered questions regarding Ambassador Churkin’s death increase.

Erdogan-angry-510x255 (1)

Erdogan Exploits Islam for Personal and Political Gain

BDr. Alon Ben-Meir, March 03 2017

Islam and democracy are not mutually exclusive as long as there is a clear separation between ‘mosque and state.’ Imams have a role to play in promoting the virtues of Islam, but should have no say on the political processes of the state. For Erdogan to claim that Turkey is a democracy is hypocritical at best, not only because he usurped dictatorial powers but also because he weaved his religious doctrine into the state institutions and intimidated the civil society to join the ranks of his false piety.

Donald Trump

Trump -The Enigma

By Peter Koenig, March 03 2017

President Trump may be wondering himself about the miracles and mysteries and confusions he creates. As a megalomaniac, he is the only one who knows everything. His ideas range and flash from right to left, crisscrossing the political spectrum to favor the globalized world – and yet he is largely acting against globalization – and in the ‘interest of people’. That would be great. But does he mean what he says? – As a megalo he loves to be an Enigma.


One Nation Train. “Make Australia Great Again”, US-Australian Relations

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, March 03 2017

The global populist fever is catching. Put the nation first before all else, patria before sense. Make America Great Again. One Nation before any other. Australia has been a fairly non-responsive patient to that effect, keeping its symptoms to the rural fringes of the country, or the more bitter blue-collar edges disgruntled by immigrants. While essentially conservative and reactionary, the Australian skill over the years has been to temper revolt with urbanism, mortgages and status anxiety.

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