gallery Selected Articles: Trumpcare: Dead on Arrival, North Korea: The People Want Peace, Banking Secret That Destroys Economy


Global Research, March 15, 2017
Crisis of America's Healthcare System

Nightmarish Trumpcare. It Benefits the Super-rich at the Expense of Affordable Healthcare

By Stephen Lendman, March 15 2017

According to the Economic Policy Institute, “99% of Americans…win if the GOP health plan fails.” It benefits business and super-rich elites at the expense of affordable healthcare for everyone – a fundamental human right.


The Republican Healthcare Bill Is Very Free-Market, Libertarian

By Eric Zuesse, March 15 2017

Another way of putting this is: it would considerably decrease the requirements that are placed upon health care insurers and providers. It would be as close to extreme free-market health care as can be achieved except for a system in which anyone can legally sell anything and call it “health insurance” or call it “medical care.” In other words, it would be more like anarchy in these fields.

VIDEO: Let the States Provide Single Payer Health Care“Trumpcare” Dead on Arrival: Can We Please Now Try Single Payer?

By Ellen Brown, March 15 2017

The new American Health Care Act has been unveiled, and critics are calling it more flawed even than the Obamacare it was meant to replace. Dubbed “Ryancare” or “Trumpcare” (over the objection of White House staff), the Republican health care bill is under attack from left and right, with even conservative leaders calling it “Obamacare Lite”, “bad policy”, a “warmed-over substitute,” and “dead on arrival.”


North Korea: The Grand Deception Revealed. The People of the DPRK Want Peace

By Christopher Black, March 15 2017

In 2003 I had, along with some American lawyers, members of the National Lawyers Guild, the good fortune to be able to travel to North Korea, that is the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, in order to experience first hand that nation, its socialist system and its people. The joint report issued on our return was titled “The Grand Deception Revealed.” That title was chosen because we discovered that the negative western propaganda myth about North Korea is a grand deception designed to blind the peoples of the world to the accomplishments of the Korean people in the north who have successfully created their own circumstances, their own independent socio-economic system, based on socialist principles, free of the domination of the western powers.

World Economy

The Banking Secret, Which Makes the Fatcats Richer, While Destroying the Real Economy

By Washington’s Blog, March 15 2017

Who creates money? Most people assume that money is created by governments … or perhaps central banks. In reality – as noted by the Bank of England, Britain’s central bank – 97% of all money in circulation is created by private banks. But how do private banks create money? We’ve all been taught that banks first take in deposits, and then they loan out those deposits to folks who want to borrow. But this is a myth … The Bank of England the German central bank have explained that loans are extended before deposits exist … and that the loans create deposits.

Selected Articles: Trumpcare: Dead on Arrival, North Korea: The People Want Peace, Banking Secret That Destroys Economy

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