gallery Selected Articles: North Korea “Fully Prepared” If US Attacks, The “Terrorism of Money” in India

Global Research, April 14, 2017


North Korea: If We are Attacked, “We Will Not Keep our Arms Crossed … We are Fully Prepared”

By , April 14 2017

Misunderstanding prevails regarding the threat of a US preemptive strike against North Korea. The intentions of the Pentagon are unclear. Moreover, Washington does not have the endorsement of its regional allies including South Korea and Japan. In the wake of ROK President Park’s impeachment, strong opposition has been building up within South Korea against US military presence in the region. Meanwhile Beijing has warned Washington. China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, intimated that:  “one has the feeling that a conflict could break out at any moment”.

The Money-Quote From the Postol Report on the Recent Gas Attack in Syria

By , April 14 2017

The U.S. ‘news’media hid from the public Dr. Postol’s disproof of the Obama regime’s still-continuing assertions that the 21 August 2013 sarin attack was from Syria’s government instead of from the ‘moderate rebels’ (jihadists) whom the U.S. supported. Will they hide from the U.S. public his disproof of the U.S. regime’s latest such scam backing the actual perpetrators of a war-crime — will they do now as they did then?

China and Russia Veto UN Security Council Resolution on Syria – No Carte Blanche for Chapter VII

By , April 14 2017

Permanent UN Security Council member Russia, on Wednesday, used its veto right to block the adoption of a resolution on Syria that would have condemned the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria and called on the Syrian government to cooperate with an investigation into the incident.

The “Terrorism of Money” and the Global War On Cash: Target India

By , April 14 2017

Geopolitics is a field alien to financial economics. Thus when economists need to step outside the frame of finance theory to consider larger implications they are confronted with the messier world of geopolitics; the world that operates on a totally different set of rules than financial economics. In this report we explore these geopolitical forces and provide an insight into the chain of events that led us to this juncture.

Electronic Weapons, Radio Frequency Radiation, Remote Manipulation of the Human Nervous System

By , April 13 2017

OPEN LETTER TO THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION: We are missing a legislation which would ban the purposeful remote manipulation of the human nervous system and organism including remote killing of people.

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