gallery Selected Articles: America’s War Machine, Death of Democracy in Turkey

Global Research, April 20, 2017

End Game: The War Machine Goes On

By Arthur D. Robbins, April 20, 2017

To yearn for peace is to embrace war. What we need is a society where war and peace are not two choices, like night and day. What we need is a society in which war is not an option, where peace becomes irrelevant. Perhaps JFK got it right when he said, what we want is not peace but, “a warless world founded in warless societies.” (Carroll, 285)

Cyprus and the Death of Democracy in Turkey

By Andreas C Chrysafis, April 20, 2017

Today, Cyprus faces a greater danger than before. Yet, the government appears not to have a strategic plan or a defense policy to deal with this reality but will “consult with the other EU leaders”, so it has claimed. This can only imply there is no strategic policy in place.

The Oklahoma City Bombing After 22 Years

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, April 20, 2017

Americans, being the insouciant people that they are, never noticed that the Murrah building blew up from the inside out, not from the outside in.

However, Air Force General Benton K. Partin, the US Air Force’s top explosive expert, did notice. He prepared a detailed report containing “conclusive proof that the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was not caused solely by the truck bomb. Evidence shows that the massive destruction was primarily the result of four demolition charges placed at critical structural points at the third floor level.” Here is a copy of General Partin’s letter accompanying the report he sent to US Senator Trent Lott

The Secrets of Long Life and Anti-Aging: The Passing of Emma Morano at 117 Years Old… How did She do it?

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, April 19, 2017

The suggestion from the late Emma Morano, who recently passed at a venerable 117 years, being, supposedly, the only confirmed and recorded centurion remaining from 1899, was one of humble egg consumption. The diet was simple, though eventually, losing one’s teeth helped to move one away from more complex solids.

Israel and Islamist Militias: A Strange and Recurring Alliance

By Adeyinka Makinde, April 20, 2017

Israel’s specifically verifiable relationships with terror groups officially opens it up to the charge of being a state sponsor of terrorism. It undermines any moral high ground it claims to have when referring to enemies such as Iran as sponsors and perpetrators of terror.

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