gallery World’s most dangerous people: Donald Trump & Prince Salman




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Many people consider Donald Trump to be the most dangerous person on the planet. Nevertheless, during his visit to Saudi Arabia, he met a man capable of pushing him from the dishonourable pedestal.

It goes about 31-year-old Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This man is the actual ruler of the kingdom, because his father, King Salman, who is already 81 years old, does not cope with his duties due to old age. During 2.5 years of stay in power, Mohammed bin Salman has won the reputation of an impulsive and aggressive leader, which is evidenced by his actions. At first, he decided to strengthen the role of Saudi Arabia in the Syrian conflict, then he started the ongoing war in Yemen that has left as many as 17 million Yemenis starving. The shortcomings of the deputy crown prince and the American president – a man who does not always think about consequences of his actions – would be a dangerous combination for the most explosive region in the world – the Middle East.

Prince Mohammed, who also serves as the Defence Minister of Saudi Arabia, does not learn from his mistakes, nor does he notice that he has committed any.

The deputy crown prince is not only a gambler, but also a person who likes to foolishly raise stakes. In an unusually underrated interview that he gave to Saudi television in early May, he threatened to invade Iran. “We will not wait for battles to start in Saudi Arabia, but we will work to ensure battles erupt in Iran,” he said.

The prince is known for his accusations against Shiites, who mostly reside in Iran. In his opinion, they want to seize Mecca and take control of all Muslims of the world. This seems especially strange against the background of the fact that the number of Shiites in the world is a lot smaller than the number of Sunnis. Yet, it appears that Prince Mohammed believes in the theory of a great anti-Sunni conspiracy organised by Iran.

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