gallery Trump’s Foreign SDF Mercenaries Deal with ISIS Thwarted by Russian Air Force

Global Research, May 29, 2017

Trump’s foreign mercenaries cut a deal with other NATO supplied terrorists, ISIS, for a safe corridor from Raqqa to re-invade Tadmor (Palmyra) and further destroy its ancient history.  According to Syrian television and Russian media, Russian special operation forces were informed of the deal between the two terrorist gangs, and the Russian air force obliterated the entire ISIS convoy in its safe journey.

On 27 May, the RuAF destroyed 32 vehicles equipped with machine guns and other military weapons. One hundred twenty terrorists were also killed in the operation.

Terrorists vehicles permanently out of commission. (Source: Syria News)

Perfect shot: Cab destroyed but stolen oil tanker unharmed. (Source: Syria News)

War criminal Trump’s foreign mercenary militia – previously Obama’s – are wrongly called the “Syrian Democratic Forces” by most international media. This is to brainwash people to believe that the foreign gang is run by Syrians. The name of this gang is “Hezen Suriya Demokratik.”  This is the Azeri language.

The Azeri-language flag of Trump’s foreign merc militia. (Source: Syria News)

HSD’s new spokesman is a not Syrian Swede. Under the leadership of Trump’s foreign mercenaries illegally in Syria, are some Syrian traitors – including separatist ZioKurds – willing to have Syria return to secretions of Sykes-Picot.

Among the foreign mercenaries of the HSD is its new spokesman, Swede Jesper Soder. (Source: Syria News)

Trump’s foreign mercenaries of the HSD wish to hack off Raqqa for empire, which is why they made a deal with ISIS, which also frequently receives weapons from the US, sometimes via fake accidental air drops.

Trump”s foreign mercenaries of the HSD hold many separatist flags. Here is another not Syrian terrorist in Syria. (Source: Syria News)

The agreement between terrorist ISIS and terrorist foreign mercenaries of HSD came 10 days after the terrorist gang of Jaish Maghaweer al Thawra thanked the US for supplying them with 20 trucks, loaded with TOWs and other anti-aircraft weapons to be used against soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army in defending Deir Ezzor.

Russia’s successful bombing of the terrorist convoy from Raqqa to Tadmor was two days after war criminal Trump bombed Deir Ezzor, massacring 35 Syrian civilians. – Afraa Dagher

Featured image: @NorthernStork via Twitter


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