Comey Testifies Before Congress


Posted June 08, 2017

Comey flashed anger at Trump’s characterization of him as unpopular among the rank and file of the FBI as well as the idea that the bureau was disorganized and chaotic.

“Those were lies. Plain and simple,” Comey said flatly.


A former FBI director repeatedly calling the president a liar — and acknowledging that his concerns about Trump’s willingness to bend (or break) the truth led him to repeatedly document their interactions.

Full Testimony

President Trump Attorney Responds James Comey Testimony Senate Hearing

Read James Comey’s Prepared Remarks for Testimony; The former F.B.I. director is scheduled to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday. Following are his prepared remarks to open the public hearing.

COMEY: I LEAKED TOO! FBI director drops bombshell that he ‘got his version out’ after he was fired in devastating testimony calling Trump a LIAR who he felt ordered him to CLEAR Flynn but NOT drop Russia probe

Trump lawyer says James Comey made ‘unauthorized disclosures’ of privileged talks: Accuse the former FBI director of directing unauthorized news leaks to intentionally damage the president.

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