Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?

By Paul Roderick Gregory The role of Fusion GPS and one of its key associates, a former Soviet intelligence officer, must raise the question as to whether the Steele dossier, which was orchestrated by a suspected unregistered agent of Russia, was a plant by Russian intelligence to harm Donald Trump? David Satter, one of our... Continue Reading →

U.S. Military Spending Boost Threatens Our Economy and Security

By Ron Paul July 18, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -  On Friday the House overwhelmingly approved a massive increase in military spending, passing a $696 billion National Defense Authorization bill for 2018. President Trump’s request already included a huge fifty or so billion dollar spending increase, but the Republican-led House found even that to be... Continue Reading →

After Mosul’s “Liberation,” Horror of US Siege Continues to Unfold

By Bill Van Auken July 18, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -  One week after Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi proclaimed the “liberation” of Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, the scale of destruction wrought during a nine-month, US-backed siege is becoming clearer, even as reports mount of collective punishment being meted out to survivors. Abadi presided over... Continue Reading →

AIPAC Still Our Biggest Foreign Agent

Senate Hearing on Foreign Agents Registration Act By Grant Smith July 18, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - Alleged Russian meddling in the US electoral process will be the subject of a Senate Judiciary Hearing on Wednesday. The hearing is titled "Oversight of the Justice Department’s (Non) Enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act: Lessons from the Obama... Continue Reading →

The “Deep State” Then and Now

By Edward Curtin Global Research, July 18, 2017 “…since grasping the present from within is the most problematic task the mind can face.” – Frederic Jameson Have you ever seen a photograph of yourself from the past and laughed or grimaced at the way you were dressed or your hair style? It’s a common experience. But few... Continue Reading →

Poll: Americans’ Massive Disapproval of Both Parties

By Eric Zuesse Global Research, July 18, 2017 Strategic Culture Foundation 17 July 2017 The “Monthly Harvard-Harris Poll: June 2017” is the latest poll in that series, and it scientifically sampled 2,258 U.S. registered voters, of whom (as shown on page 30) 35% were “Democrat,” 29% were “Republican,” and 30% were “independent”). It indicates (page 24) that 37% “approve”... Continue Reading →

Russiagate Exposed: It’s a Fraud. “Leaks from Inside the DNC”

The Truth that's Being Hidden from the Public By Eric Zuesse Global Research, July 18, 2017 It has now been incontrovertibly proven that Russia had nothing whatsoever to do with getting the information that was on the computer-files of the Democratic National Committee and of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, to Wikileaks — the entire ‘Russiagate’ scandal... Continue Reading →

Can Washington Prevent the Death of the Gulf States?

By Moon of Alabama Global Research, July 18, 2017 Moon of Alabama 17 July 2017 U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson is angry that Saudi Arabia and the UAE rejected his efforts to calm down their spat with Qatar. His revenge, and a threat of more serious measures, comes in the form of a WaPo “leak” – UAE orchestrated hacking of Qatari government... Continue Reading →

Tibet Rises From Poverty: Fantasy and Reality

By Caleb T. Maupin Global Research, July 18, 2017 16 July 2017 Featured image: A village in Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region, China [Xinhua] As a result of Hollywood and a fascination with Buddhism among certain celebrities and in some bohemian circles, many Americans are deeply misinformed about Tibet. The reality is that the Tibet Autonomous Region’s... Continue Reading →

The U.S. Police State’s Answer to Free Speech. Tear Gas, Guns and Riot Squads…

By John W. Whitehead Global Research, July 18, 2017 TruePublica Forget everything you’ve ever been taught about free speech in America. It’s all a lie. There can be no free speech for the citizenry when the government speaks in a language of force. What is this language of force? Militarized police. Riot squads. Camouflage gear. Black... Continue Reading →

Bring Hassan Diab Home! The Incarceration of an Innocent Canadian

By Hassan Diab Support Committee Global Research, July 18, 2017 Dear Friend and Supporters, Let me begin with a BIG “Thank You” to all of you who donated to the “Bring Hassan Home” 2017 Fundraising Campaign. Thank you for your generosity and thank you for the heartwarming notes we received from so many of you. Be assured... Continue Reading →

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