Donald Trump and the Coming Fall of American Empire

By Jeremy Scahill July 23, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - Even as President Donald Trump faces ever-intensifying investigations into the alleged connections between his top aides and family members and powerful Russian figures, he serves as commander in chief over a U.S. military that is killing an astonishing and growing number of civilians. Under Trump,... Continue Reading →

Syria Summary – Consolidating The West – Marching East

By Moon Of Alabama July 23, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - There were no major changes  in the situation in Syria since our last post. Several smaller steps have further consolidated the position of the government of Syria and its allies while the positions of its enemies continue to deteriorate. Source: Fabrice Balanche/WINEP - bigger (with legend) In the north-west... Continue Reading →

CIA-backed Fighters Killed Or Wounded 100,000 Syrian Soldiers

What the demise of the CIA’s anti-Assad program means By David Ignatius July 23, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - What did the CIA’s covert assistance program for Syrian rebels accomplish? Bizarrely, the biggest consequence may be that it helped trigger the Russian military intervention in 2015 that rescued President Bashar al-Assad — achieving the opposite... Continue Reading →

Ten Myths About Israel

Review of Ilan Pappe's Book By Dr. Ludwig Watzal Global Research, July 23, 2017 Particularly, in the US and some European States, the Israeli and Zionist versions of history are widespread. Israel’s narrative relies on a collection of myths aimed at bringing the moral right and the ethical behavior of the Palestinians into twilight and making... Continue Reading →

Iraqi Sources Place Real Death Toll in US-led Siege of Mosul at 40,000

By Bill Van Auken Global Research, July 23, 2017 World Socialist Web Site 21 July 2017 According to intelligence reports from Iraq, the US-led massacre in Mosul has claimed a staggeringly higher toll of Iraqi civilian lives than had previously been reported. More than 40,000 men, women and children were killed in the grinding nine-month-long siege of... Continue Reading →

What Trump Is Learning From His Presidency

By Eric Zuesse Global Research, July 23, 2017 It is now clear that Donald Trump had never cared about public policy except to the extent it affected his own bottom line as a businessman, and that he’s only now starting, as the U.S. President, to think about ideology, and about public policy, and about what the functions of... Continue Reading →

The Extremist Zionist Media Campaign Has Gone Too Far

Open Letter of California Scholars for Academic Freedom By Richard Falk Global Research, July 23, 2017 Global Justice in the 21st Century 22 July 2017 [Prefatory Note: Below is an Open Letter prepared under the direction of Vida Samiian of State University of California at Fresno on behalf of California scholars defending against any effort to abridge academic... Continue Reading →

Corporate Media Largely Silent on Trump’s Civilian Death Toll in Iraq

By Adam Johnson Global Research, July 23, 2017 FAIR 19 July 2017 Earlier this week, human rights group Amnesty International issued a lengthy report accusing US-backed forces of “repeated violations of international humanitarian law, some of which may amount to war crimes,” in Mosul, Iraq, causing the deaths of at least 3,700 civilians. Neither this report, nor the broader... Continue Reading →

MLK Day: The Plot to Kill Martin Luther King: Survived Shooting, Was Murdered in Hospital

Martin Luther King was murdered in a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Review of William Pepper's Book By Craig McKee Global Research, July 23, 2017 Truth and Shadows 3 September 3016 This article was first published by  GR on September 5, 2016 For one bright moment back in the late 1960s,... Continue Reading →

The Seeds Of Suicide: How Monsanto Destroys Farming

By Dr. Vandana Shiva Global Research, July 23, 2017 Asian Age and Global Research 5 April 2013 Note: Originally published in April 2013 Monsanto’s talk of ‘technology’ tries to hide its real objectives of control over seed where genetic engineering is a means to control seed, “Monsanto is an agricultural company. We apply innovation and technology to help... Continue Reading →

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