Policing for Profit: Jeff Sessions & Co.’s Thinly Veiled Plot to Rob Us Blind

By John W. Whitehead “Laws are no longer made by a rational process of public discussion; they are made by a process of blackmail and intimidation, and they are executed in the same manner. The typical lawmaker of today is a man wholly devoid of principle — a mere counter in a grotesque and knavish... Continue Reading →

Trump Is Being Moved Aside So That Conflict with Russia Can Proceed

By Paul Craig Roberts July 26, 2017 "Information Clearing House" - What is the Congress up to with their stupid bill that imposes more sanctions and removes the power of President Trump to rescind the sanctions that President Obama imposed? Congress is doing two things. One is that Congress is serving their campaign contributors in... Continue Reading →

Psychiatry Group Tells Members They Can Ignore ‘Goldwater Rule’ and Comment on Trump’s Mental Health

By Sharon Begley Global Research, July 26, 2017 STAT 25 July 2017 Featured image: Former US Senator Barry Goldwater (Source: NPR) A leading psychiatry group has told its members they should not feel bound by a longstanding rule against commenting publicly on the mental state of public figures — even the president. The statement, an email... Continue Reading →

Philippines: Western Media Is Distorting Reality, People and Army Unite to Battle “ISIS”

By Andre Vltchek Global Research, July 26, 2017 Featured image: Marawi City ground zero Covering the recent battle for the city of Marawi on Mindanao Island in the Southern Philippines, the Western media has been grossly exaggerating unconfirmed reports and rumors. It has been spreading twisted information and ‘facts’. At the beginning of July, I... Continue Reading →

Haunted by the Spectre of a Nazi Past, the German People Cannot Ignore the Crimes Committed by Israel?

The German People Cannot Repeat Their Past Disingenuous Claim of "Not Having Known About What Was Happening" By William Hanna Global Research, July 26, 2017 “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” –George Orwell With Germany being one of the acknowledged leaders... Continue Reading →

The Decade-Long U.S. Campaign to Foment Syria’s “Revolution” and Unseat Assad

By Sarah Abed Global Research, July 26, 2017 The fingerprints of U.S. imperialism can be found all over the manufactured insurrection in Syria, in keeping with the ultimate goal of destabilization and eventual “regime change”  through fomenting a sectarian civil war. Former NATO commander Wesley Clark has gone on record as stating that Syria was on... Continue Reading →

America’s Militarized Police

Made in Israel? By Philip Giraldi Global Research, July 26, 2017 The Unz Review 25 July 2017 The horrific execution by police of an Australian woman in her pajamas that took place last week in Minneapolis has again produced a torrent of criticism over killings initiated by law enforcement in situations in which the officers... Continue Reading →

Suspension of Military Aid to Al Qaeda? Syria’s Al Nusra, renamed Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) Left Without Support

By Firas Samuri Global Research, July 26, 2017 Recently, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham militants (ex Jabhat Al-Nusra) have faced serious issues with money. Inside Syria Media Center military correspondents on the ground confirm that the militants and field-commanders have not received cash allowance for several months. Furthermore, the jihadists don’t receive money and ammunition for organizing... Continue Reading →

Opinion: The Current Big Lie Is? From the “Cold War” to the “Hot War”?

By Eric Zuesse Global Research, July 26, 2017 The Big Lie today is as enormous as, and potentially far more harmful than, any Big Lie throughout history has been; and, it will be exposed fully here, and will be documented even more fully, by means of the links that are provided in this summary of... Continue Reading →

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