Condemning Israeli Occupation and Illegal Settlements Is Not, and Never Has Been, an Anti-Semitic Reference

Global Research, August 08, 2017

To allege ‘antisemitism’ is a bogus defence to a 10 year illegal blockade of essential goods against 2m civilians in Gaza; the illegal settlement of 600,000 Israelis on to Palestinian land; the razing of Arab villages, their homes and olive groves – and is a deliberate deception to cover the criminal acts of an undeclared nuclear-weapons state, (armed and funded by a lobby-controlled US Congress), that is arguably the greatest threat to world peace since WW2.  

Its undeclared arsenal is estimated to contain up to 400 nuclear warheads, plus a fleet of German-built, nuclear-armed, Dolphin-class submarines, sufficient to destroy the entire Middle East and most of Europe. Yet the Israeli government continues to defend the indefensible by cries of ‘antisemitism’ that have intimidated European governments to bring in legislation to defend Jewish communities as a result. Meanwhile the occupation and illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories, continue unabated, as does the consequential criticism against those who support such criminal activity.

Unless the Israeli state is forced to:

1. declare its nuclear weapons arsenal and subject it to immediate inspection by the IAEA and to become a party to the nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, as per the European Union and the international community

2. become a party to both the Chemical Weapons (CWC) and Biological Weapons (BWC) Conventions, as per the European Union and the international community

3. repatriate all Israeli citizens from Palestinian land, back to their homes in Israel behind the Green line, and to dismantle all illegal settlements in compliance with UNSC Resolution 2334

4. return to the negotiating table to agree the terms for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, within twelve months

5. declare all of Jerusalem to remain an international city with free access to all faiths as per UN Resolution and as agreed by the European Union and the international community

then inevitably there will be war, leading to devastation of unknown proportions that will spill over into Europe and probably the rest of the world.

The constant cry of ‘antisemitism’ from the perpetrators of violent occupation, is a smokescreen to further expropriate Palestinian land in a bid to illegally extend territory beyond the Green line.

This must be resisted at all costs to avoid a nuclear conflagration from which there can be no return. Time is of the essence. The UN and the EU must act, for it is now already very late in this strategic game. Britain and Europe are now vulnerable to both a nuclear threat from the Middle East and from secret, nuclear-armed submarines with cruise missiles that even now patrol the seas around Europe, unseen.

In an unpredictable, unstable world that is becoming subject to harsh climate change; unprecedented refugee flows from Africa and the Middle East plus the threat of a nuclear conflict – Britain needs to remember that its first duty is neither Brexit, nor GDP, nor full employment but the survival of the state and its citizens.

That duty would appear not to be recognised by a British parliament seemingly intent on colluding with a non-European, non-NATO supplier of guns, pharmaceuticals and security software, in order to assist both parties to remain in power.

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