Selected Articles: The Complicity of Warmongers

By Global Research News
Global Research, November 22, 2017

We bring to the attention of Global Research readers the selection of articles below which reveals the insidious role of the US and its allies in fomenting war and conflict in the Middle East, not to mention the biased news coverage of the corporate media.

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How Syrian-Nuke Evidence Was Faked

By Gareth Porter, November 21, 2017

When Yousry Abushady studied the highly unusual May 2008 CIA video on a Syrian nuclear reactor that was allegedly under construction when Israeli jet destroyed it seven months earlier, the senior specialist on North Korean nuclear reactors on the International Atomic Energy Agency’s staff knew that something was very wrong.

Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?

By Rep. Ron Paul, November 21, 2017

It’s remarkable that whenever you read an article about Yemen in the mainstream media, the central role of Saudi Arabia and the United States in the tragedy is glossed over or completely ignored. A recent Washington Post article purporting to tell us “how things got so bad” explains to us that, “it’s a complicated story” involving “warring regional superpowers, terrorism, oil, and an impending climate catastrophe.”

The Middle East: the Decline of American Might

By Victor Mikhin, November 21, 2017

The Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that the cooperation between Moscow and Tehran and the refusal of mutual payments in US dollars could isolate the USA and “repel the American sanctions”. The Supreme Leader added, “It is possible to cooperate with Russia in dealing with large-scale issues requiring commitment and determination, and to cooperate with it logistically”.

The Faces of Yemen – Where Is American “Outrage?”

By Brandon Turbeville, November 20, 2017

While not overwhelmingly involved with troops, bombing campaigns, and the like in the way that it is in Syria or Iraq, the United States is nonetheless complicit in the destruction of an entire country by providing intelligence, weapons, and political support to Saudi Arabia and the GCC in their war against the Yemeni people. In addition to that support, however, the United States has, at times, also contributed limited direct military support to the Saudi effort.

Experts Warn It Would Take More Than One US General to Thwart “Illegal” Nuclear Strike Emanating from the White House

By Jon Queally, November 20, 2017

While a top U.S. nuclear military commander made global headlines over the weekend after he stated plainly on Saturday that he would resist any order from President Donald Trump that he deemed “illegal,” including an unlawful directive to carry out a nuclear strike, experts warn that individual objections such as that could be overcome by a commander-in-chief determined to launch an attack.

US/Saudi/Israeli Alliance for Greater Regional Turbulence?

By Stephen Lendman, November 20, 2017

US-orchestrated Saudi war on Yemen only achieved the world’s greatest humanitarian disaster, nothing else. Houthi fighters remain strong and resilient after two-and-a-half years of aggression on the nation.

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