Christmas: A Visit From Saint Donald

Global Research, December 25, 2017

T’was the week before Christmas and up and down K Street lobbyists wept

Because after a year of chaos, the GOP one promise had kept.

They rewarded the Koch brothers and all their friends,

Whose dark money checks now paid huge dividends.

With a smack of his gavel and a look of gleeful delight

Speaker Ryan stuck it to regular Americans and worsened their plight.

The richest got gifts and the rest a surprise,

Donald Trump

God bless us, every one! Photo credit: DonkeyHotey / WhoWhatWhy (CC BY-SA 2.0)








To obscure the bill’s true nature and to ensure reelection,

Its authors came up with a great piece of deception.

What might look like a middle class tax cut in an election year

Is actually a mirage that will soon disappear.

While the windfall for corporations is here to stay,

The “cut” for American families will soon go away.

To those in the know, this trickery is obscene,

But Republicans hope it will buy votes in 2018.

And what about the commander in chief,

Who claims that the law will grant him no financial relief?

Sadly it’s just another bold-faced lie,

The kind only his most loyal supporters might buy.

As nobody who knows Trump would find at all shocking,

The president has managed to stuff his own stocking.

So let us exclaim before you enjoy Christmas night

That this tax reform bill is a big piece of shite.

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