The Children of Syria. The West in Highly Complicit in War Crimes

Global Research, March 02, 2018
Global Research 1 March 2016

Author’s Update as of March 2, 2018

Now that the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, are over, warmongering, threats and bombings are retaking world stage. Syria is again in the crosshairs of the blood-drenched empire’s handlers, NATO and its western puppets. The US are setting up a series of permanent illegal, uninvited bases in northern Syria, deploying some 30,000 mostly mercenary type soldiers, commanding the US trained and armed 50,000 strong Kurdish so-called People’s Protection Unit, or YPG, as well as newly trained, funded and armed ISIS fighters – all aiming at taking over one third of the Syrian territory – the beginning of a balkanization of Syria, and with the ultimate goal of ‘regime change’ – the goal that has never changed – removing Bashar al Assad, the legitimate democratically elected President of Syria.

Then there is East-Ghouta – a suburban area of Damascus, already largely under control – again – by US mandated IS or associated terrorists, shelling Damascus with an average of 70 rockets per day. In addition of having hit the Russian Embassy, they are causing innumerable casualties, including children, more suffering, homes, hospitals and schools destroyed, more orphans, to whom they apply the UN-sanitized term “refugees” – children without names without faces, without parents, without education, children as slaves and objects of sexual and labor exploitation – children without a future.

This will go on no doubt. Russia will interfere, hoping to stop the onslaught, while the US bases in the north will grow and not let go – one of the principles of the PNAC (Plan for a New American Century) is make no concessions, pursue your target no matter what… Russia be better aware of this unbendable doctrine. “The no matter what” could mean: If we go down, the world goes down.

Then there are the seven countries that have to fall, of which the 2007 “Democracy Now” broadcast by Wesley Clark testifies. Syria is one of them. Lebanon is under simultaneous threat. Fortunately, Russia has just signed a military defense agreement with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. The confrontation between Israel and Lebanese defense forces may intensify – more children at risk. And what is a distinct possibility for which the prostitute MSM has already launched an indoctrinating lie-propaganda – a false-flag act – another East-Ghouta sarin gas attack, this time specifically targeting children – executed by US / NATO directed terrorists and blaming the Assad government. The White Helmets would be there for the filming, possibly directed by George Clooney. That would have major impact on the world population.

Remember the August 2013 chlorine and sarin gas attack which killed up to 1,700 people, about a third of them children, in eastern Ghouta, and where a first investigation mission by the UN, led by former Swiss Attorney General, Carla Del Ponte, concluded that most likely the gas attack was perpetrated by the ‘opposition’, i.e. by the terrorists.

“I was a little bit stupefied by the first indication of the use of nerve gas by the opposition,” she said on Swiss TV.

‘Stupefied’ were certainly also Washington and its puppet European allies, France, Germany, UK, to hear a UN expert saying that “their people’’ did it, not Mr. Assad. – What Ms. Del Ponte clearly implied is that the West, by supporting the terrorists, most probably directing them to carry out the false flag – is highly complicit in war crimes.

Madame del Ponte later had to retract her statement, probably under threat – the tyrannical empire’s ultimate weapon, threating those who digress from the given doctrine. Since then all you can find in the presstitute MSM are accusations of the Syrian Government gazing her own people. That is not Mr. Assad’s style; but is sure is characteristic for the west, just look at the hundreds of False Flags – and school shootings – since and including 9/11.

Of course, nothing has changed since 2013. The west on a daily basis is responsible for uncountable war crimes, for the killing of millions of people since 9/11, the Mother of False Flags, at least a third of the victims are children – and those children who survived are made to live in abject misery, as orphans, refugees and slaves – undignified lives.

Innocent children are being sacrificed for the benefit of a power and greed driven elite – to finally gain control over this most strategically placed oil and mineral rich Middle Eastern country, whose President Assad declared in 2009 the “Five Sea Vision”, linking Syria with the Mediterranean, Caspian, Black Sea, Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. That would make Syria an economic power house of the Middle East.

Two years later, in 2011, Washington initiated via CIA and NATO trained terrorists a so-called civil war in Syria that has in the seven years to now cost the lives of at least a half a million people and almost half of Syria’s 18 million population has been displaced, of whom more than 4 million refugees abroad. If the sinister PNAC were to prevail, Syria would be kept in chaos for savage exploitation for decades to come. And generations of children are gone. Remaining Syrians, one of the best educated people of the Middle East, would descend into destitute slavehood.


Author’s Update on February 9, 2017

With Trump’s aggressive anti-Muslim immigration policy, especially anti-Syrian refugees, with the US special forces ordered by Trump carpet bombing and indiscriminately killing predominantly children and women in Yemen, and with Trump declaring his intent to step up the ‘anti-terror’ fight in Yemen — it is time to review the issue of war crimes committed against The Children of Syria

Let’s remind the people, especially those ‘selective’ Trump supporters, that the new President’s atrocities are hardly running behind those of the Obama / Killery team.

Killing is still Washington’s number One objective to feed the weapon and war cum security industry without which the rotten-to-the bone United States economy could not survive.

The victims of these brutal US trained-to-kill soldiers are invariably children and women. Those who are not killed right away, are likely to become refugees, be it from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan – and, yes, Yemen – and then they have no choice, but to seek out the homelands of their killers. Europe is next door.

That is why highlighting again The Children of Syria, symbolic for other children refugees of the western-destroyed Middle East, is so important.

The leadership (sic-sic) of the EU’s also rotten (and corrupt)-to-the-bone bureaucratic dictatorship, pretending to command the destiny of some 800 million people, is meeting in Malta, nominally to discuss the ‘destabilizing flood of refugees’ as they call it – had actually nothing better to do then to bash Trump for destabilizing Europe.

Yes, you read correctly, Trump. The villain and danger for the utterly useless bunch of vassal-clowns is, would you believe it, suddenly no longer Putin – but Trump! – See also Finian Cunningham’s ‘Trump or Putin’ 

When do these incompetent and inhuman European stooges of the White House, wake up to their own responsibility to stop the wars, thereby stopping the inhuman flood of refugees and apologize to the victims. They – the European un-leaders – would be capable of stopping the bloodshed, if they wanted to, as Washington will not do the killing alone. Washington will not expose themselves to the world as the only brutes to massacre women and children. Brussels knows about their power. But they don’t use it; they are cowards – or bought by the murderers.

But who would be surprised? Their forefathers have slaughtered and raped and colonized and exploited to the roots for over 800 years the rest of the world. Why would the new Europeans be different? Inhumanity is in the Judo-Christian men’s nature, the settlers of Europe.

Let us be reminded of The Children of Syria as a reality on its own, and as an allegory for refugee children around the world, of the inhumanity that inhabits the soul- and heartless westerners.

It’s not by hazard that in a recent interview with Al-Jazeera President Bashar Al-Assad pointedly said he didn’t want any European help in rebuilding Syria, “You can’t destroy Syria and then [make money] rebuilding her….”.

The words of the neocon Robert Zoellick, then President of the World Bank, still ring in the air “Let’s hope the World Bank will be able to help rebuild Libya”- after US / NATO forces under Obama’s and Hillary’s orders bombed the country to rubble in 2011, and shamelessly and brutally murdered their rightful leader, Mohamad Gaddafi on 20 October 2011, in his hometown of Sirte.

The Children of Syria – are also the suffering and homeless children of Libya — and of Somalia, of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of Palestine, of Pakistan, of Sudan – and the list of victims of western wars. The Children of Syria are everywhere where the western war machine seeks profit for its US based industry and for full spectrum world dominance of its deep State Masters.


There is no other species, no other biological being on this planet that for no necessity at all destroys its own species for sheer greed and power.

Hardly anybody talks about and shows the horrendous situation in Syria on the ground, how this US instigated war affects the people, the individuals – and in particular the children. No future. Three million of them (UNICEF) do not go to school; they are malnourished, many sick, many die – miserable deaths, in unsanitary refugee camps; uncounted children are orphans at young age – have to fend for themselves, are being abused, exploited, mistreated, physically and mentally.

What a future? What a life. – Add to these 3 million from Syria alone the uncounted children from Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan – and the list goes on. All of these children were made homeless and refugees and many also orphans through wars and armed conflicts started by the US and its western ‘allies’.

Syrian Refugees, Sept 2015

Be sure always to remember, who is behind these conflicts; who could stop the misery anytime and who has the power to bring peace to humanity rather than constant war and mass killings to satisfy their greed – greed for dominance, greed for resources.

According to the UNHCR about 60 million people worldwide are on the move as refugees. This figure in reality is probably at least 70 million. It also masks another reality – one of abject poverty and misery, caused by a US-led world elite living in superb luxury and comfort, killing for more wealth and more power. The number of children can only be estimated. It is fair to guess that at least 1/3 of all refugees are children and adolescents, some 25 million. Again, most of these worldwide refugees are the result of US aggressions or conflicts initiated by Washington and carried out by US / NATO armed forces, or by America’s vassals and proxies, i.e. the war in Yemen nominally fought by the Saudis and other Gulf states, but with full backing and arms supplied by the US / NATO.

Young girls and adolescent women are often ending up in the sex-trade. Many of the boys and girls are abused as slaves or at best cheap, hardly-paid labor, working at least 12-hour days and of course – no chance of going to school – a missed opportunity to get a basic education. – What will they do in the future? – Those who may one day be ‘free’ from seeking shelter as refugees, free from slavery and able to enter a ‘normal’ work life?

The number of refugees is increasing with every bombing run by the US and NATO; by drone assassinations, yes, personally approved by Obama, the self-appointed leader of the world who goes around the globe preaching human rights, the biggest human rights abuser in recent history. US drones have killed tens of thousands in the last 15 years. To that you may add the hundreds, perhaps thousands killed by UK and French drones. At least 90% of those killed are civilians, many of them, maybe as many as half, are children or adolescents.

Many children survive as orphans. Especially when the trigger-happy drone-trained operators in Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas or elsewhere on the US territory, or the US Air Force base in Ramstein, Germany, Djibouti, direct their joysticks towards a wedding or funeral celebration in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan – you name it. They have a particular liking for these mass family gatherings. The ‘bug splats’ – military slang for people killed by remote control – are the most numerous, the most fun, the bloodiest ‘bang for the buck’, for these inhuman monsters, trained to kill in places tens of thousands of kilometers away from their comfort zone – and ordered to do so by the Assassin-in-chief, Obama; he who proudly says that he approves each killing personally. How does the man – if he still deserves the term – sleep at night?

Many of these drone ‘pilots’ work from mobile air-conditioned trailers outside large cities in the US, but also from Africa, Afghanistan or the United Arab Emirates. There are at least 60 drone bases around the world, most of them controlled by the CIA and their proxies. Their number may be flexible with a tendency to grow. They are often operating from simple airstrips, easy to set up and easy to dismantle. They are clad in a shroud of secrecy, therefore difficult to monitor. This is modern American warfare, by robot, removed from emotions. Killing is a mere statistic, a measure accounted for on a spreadsheet. Almost nobody talks about this atrocious way of combat that is easily and painlessly replicated everywhere and endlessly.

How can a future Syria be built without an educated population? There will be a generation gap, for several generations – if ever – before the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region can recuperate its economy, its social and physical infrastructure – its sheer living of normal lives. Syria, Libya and Iraq were the most progressive countries in MENA: free education and health care; a first-class social safety net and physical infrastructure that functioned; a deep and profound history of humanity, the cradle of our western civilization. No more. The very ‘western civilization’ has destroyed it all. Bombed into oblivion. They were and Syria still is socialist by definition – a red flag and no-go for the western neoliberal fascist way of thinking and economic model.

Most of these people have done no harm, are no terrorists, especially the children, they were happy to go to school, to play with their friends, to have a home and caring family and daily food on the table. Now everything is lost. No home. Street children, begging, eating from the gutters, sick, torn and filthy clothing, cold, no shelter – no health care – no care at all. Washington and Washington directed stooges have taken away their future, have plunged them into misery, those that have survived and are roaming the globe as ‘refugees’. What a western sanitized term out of the handbook on statistics – when these poor souls are more often than not at the edge of survival, expulsed from one country to another, beaten, threatened with guns, sometimes killed, hovering between a life of despair and death from starvation, disease or sheer neglect.

Because the greed-driven neoliberal western colonialists – the same Europeans and some of them have become North Americans in the 18th, 19th and 20th century – who have ravaged and raped and exploited the world for centuries, these same people – can they still be called people? – are now decimating and destroying what’s left of our globe, for full spectrum dominance.

Killing is the new normal. Desolation and misery of living beings is of no importance. Interference without limitation, that is what the west does best, literally best. They have perfected an evil science: how to create a chaos of suffering and misery efficiently, with the least effort, at least cost – bombs, drones – poison gas, spent uranium, GMOs, and finally – the atom bomb – eradicating all. By chaos you divide and conquer.

Paradise going up in flames, taking evil humanity with it – safe for a few indigenous people, who have lived all their lives and are still living close and with nature. They may become the founders of a new humanity.


Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, CounterPunch, TeleSur, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.

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