In memory: Rachel Corrie – Death of an Idealist

Watch – Channel 4 Documentary

Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American peace protestor who was crushed to death by Israeli occupation forces.

Reposted March 16, 2018

Gilad Atzmon Needs Your Immediate Support! I am being sued for libel in the High Court in England by Campaign Against Antisemitsm’s chairman Gideon Falter.


  1. hi, she wouldn’t have been crushed if she didn’t stand in front a bulldozer. how many girls to the arabs cut the clitorises out of every day? how many women don’t go to school, are forced into arranged marriages, and are beaten by instruction in the Koran? but you manage to suspend any reality and focus on the one little country of Jews who just want to live in peace. No attacks by Arabs, no defense by Jews and no deaths. Real simple, but no one ever accused the Arabs of being modern members of the community of nations.


    • Dan C… your comment is repugnant. If you were driving a bulldozer and a women stood in front of it to stop you from demolishing her home, would you run her over? My guess is, yes. Would you enjoy doing it from the safety of your cab? My guess is, yes again. Learn some current history before spewing your ignorant Christian Zionism in public.


  2. You 2 boys (not Goys) above are sick in the head. Justifying killing a peace activist for your tribal ego project. Live in peace my ass Dan C. You’re another J’liar. King David Hotel bombing = the 9/11 that created Israel. Keep up the lies. It’s even allowed on wikipedia (censor central), somehow – that Jews dressed up as Arabs and placed bombs around the hotel. Now you’ll go scurry to try fixing that. Just like NYC 1991 fail and 2001 “9-11” ho ho ho oh so clever jews “9-11” har har har as if goat herders in caves would come up with this “clever” bullshit, the NYC reunion complete with art students and full media control post-JFK, Fukushima 3-11 (magnabsp’s “one ton cameras” go fuck yourself). So go fuck yourself before we do. Jews keep ethnically cleansing Palestine of Arab Christians and Muslims. You’re so fucking racist you don’t even want Ethiopian Jews in Israel. PATHETIC. SAD. And kosher. (another fucking invisible tax on all goy, like the “startup nation” billions in military aid + trillions to fight YOUR STUPID WARS FOR YOU, dumb fucks! WE SEE YOU.) What ISrael needs, is to taste its own medicine, and have its own X-11. I hope you and Iran destroy each other, then we will see how many Samson option nukes you’ve preplaced around the globe…. the only good jews that spring to mind are… Ram Dass. Also Moshe Dayan, Yitzak Rabin, great men. Too bad racist Begin began and begat the current shitshow that you are so “proud” of


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