UN Acknowledges Russia’s Role in Syrian Peace Process, Moscow’s Humanitarian Aid To Eastern Ghouta

Global Research, March 18, 2018

Despite the biased evaluation of Russia’s role in the Syrian peace settlement by the Western governments and mainstream media, the United Nations acknowledges the leadership of Moscow in Syrian humanitarian situation.

On March 16, 2017, UN Resident Coordinator in Syria Ali al-Zaatariduring his speech at a closed meeting on the humanitarian situation on Syria in Geneva noted the Russian Reconciliation Center leading role in the evacuation of civilians from Eastern Ghouta. He also emphasized the full assistance of the Reconciliation Center officers to the international observers in the area of operation.

In particular, Zaatari expressed his gratitude to the Center’s members for the support in the delivery of four humanitarian convoys to the citizens of Eastern Ghouta since February. He also stressed the decisive actions of the Russian servicemen that prevented any losses among the UN and ICRC personnel, as well as locals during the HTS militants mortar shell at a humanitarian action in Douma, on March 16.

The UN coordinator focused the audience’s attention on the blocking of the humanitarian corridors by the militants.

“The jihadists constantly harass the locals, seize the humanitarian aid, and distribute it among themselves,” Ali al-Zaatari added.

In conclusion, he expressed his concern over the situation around the Rukban refugee camp, located in the U.S. run 55 -kilometer area near al-Tanf. Despite the existence of permission from the Syrian authorities the UN humanitarian convoys cannot reach the region in the absence of written guarantees for their security from the American side.


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