Our Twitter In Chief

By César Chelala

April 13, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – Donald Trump is the first president in U.S. history (even world history) to conduct the business of his presidency through frequent tweets addressed to those he considers his enemies. He also uses them for personal, and sometimes even cruel and unnecessary personal attacks. In March 2014, after watching actress Kim Novak, then 81, at the Academy Awards ceremony, he sent the following message via Twitter: “I am having a real hard time watching,” he wrote, “Kim should sue her plastic surgeon.” As a result, Ms. Novak became extremely depressed and refused to leave her house for several days. Although Mr. Trump later apologized, the harm was already done. What follows are some of his most recent (fake) tweets.

On Russia’s interference in the U.S. elections 

Glad to report that there is no collusion, no collusion at all! Let’s go to work and make America great again! No collusion….

On Hillary Clinton 

The FBI people closed the case on her without any investigation, but they are still bothering us. No respect!

On Trade War with China 

China is still on Abacus Time! They should stop taking advantage of us!

On China’s President Xi Jinping 

I love President Xi Jinping. As I frequently say, “Make love, not war.”

On Alec Baldwin 

Pathetic clown! Not even his wife thinks he is funny. Sad!

On Jared Kushner

Nice, bright boy. Don’t understand why people don’t like him.

On the wall with Mexico 

I’ll build a wall (paid by Mexico!) that not even a fly will be able to go through! We are invaded by rapists. Enough!

On the Democrats 

The Democrats are blocking progress! Because of them we have all those Mexicans coming in. America for Americans!

On Robert Mueller 

Nitpicker-in-Chief! Get a life!

On the Washington Post 

One day they will learn what are real news! Fake, totally fake! Shame on them!

On the Rasmussen poll showing high approval rating for the Trump administration 

Thank you, Rasmussen, for showing an all time approval rating for my administration! Love u!

On Kim Jong Un 

Missile boy, my nuclear button is bigger than yours and, most important, it is not Made in Korea. Mine works! So there!

On “Stormy Daniels” 

Who is this “Stormy Daniels” woman? To me she looks more like a drizzle, not a storm…

On Amazon 

Bunch of losers! Stop making money out of the U.S. government. Get a job!

On arming teachers at schools 

The best defense is a good weapon! Teachers, even in religious schools, should be armed. Nuns for guns!! 

César Chelala is NewYork writer.

Donald Trump tweets James Comey is an “untruthful slime ball”


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