An End to Empires

America withdrawing from conflicts that do not concern it would be a huge boon and relief to the world’s citizens.


Global Research, December 27, 2018
The Duran 23 December 2018

President Trump’s announcement, seemingly unilaterally, without advice from his military advisors or the Pentagon, has shocked and rocked American Military’s status quo strategy that has failed us all since post 9/11, yet the overwhelming majority of the American people and the world’s thinking population seem to love Trump’s decision. 

That Trump has said that it’s remaining meagre 2000 troops in Syria will be withdrawn is a popular decision for the people. It’s also very symbolic.

Those American soldiers left in Afghanistan will hopefully no doubt follow.

In short and to be concise, this is why its popular for the people and a disaster for the Deep State:

  • It is a sign that the US, well that its President, might finally be abandoning the disastrous ‘regime change’ policy pursuits’ and a sign of the beginning of the end of the stranglehold ‘the Military Industrial and Security Complex’ has on Washington.
  • that American military adventures might end eventually in ALL nations. Nations do NOT need US Military protection, whether calling itself ‘a World Peacekeeper’ or the rather more disparaging thing that it really is, a country who believes in stealing gas and oil and land grabbing; as an imperialistic ambitious hyper-super Military State and aspiring ‘American Empire.’
  • It would make this OpEd too long to give all the reasons in detail why I now make the following statements. I assume that readers have a sufficiently high standard of political understanding and historical knowledge combined with sophistication, to know.
  • If there are that don’t, I suggest they read up on the subjects and educate themselves.
  • There is ZERO threat to the United States and the Western world from either Russia or China and (laughable to even have to say it) Iran. There are of course with these countries conflicting economic interests that must be dealt with using diplomacy tools.
  • the ONLY country that is affected by US withdrawal from Syria, and it MUST be said, is the illegally created country of Israel and its apartheid Netanyahu regime.
  • America must stop trying to be the policeman of the world; stop wars and conflicts which are today at around 15 by, in the main, US surrogates, and spend such money saved on US infrastructure and the American people.
  • As far as Britain is concerned, She must ‘regain’ Her independence not only from Europe with a full BREXIT, but She must forget the illusion that Britain any longer have any semblance of a ‘Special Relationship with the US. Moreover Britain must stop ‘following like a puppy’ to paraphrase George Bush’s overheard comment to then British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The insane wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria that America has typically dragged UK Forces into must end. British troops have been injured and died for example especially in Afghanistan, for nothing.

So Trump’s Syria withdrawal caused uproar in Washington. Good. The immediate most prominent protest was by Trump’s defence secretary Mattis, who resigned.

There will be others. And good riddance to these warmongers. The day Bolton and Pompei resign will be the day that people will realise that they are going through the process of freeing themselves of the shackles, the stranglehold of Neocon politics that have dominated the 21st Century in America, remember triggered by ‘their’ 9/11; ‘their’ Pearl Harbour’.

Other less important knee jerk reactions followed Trump’s announcement about military withdrawals, from the usual suspects notably the ‘bought’ Western main stream media being the most vocal.

However, here is the alternative point of view:

As stated earlier herein, it is ludicrous to believe that Russia, China or even Iran pose a real threat to America. It is American militarism and Imperialism that is the uppermost threat to the world.

Russia’s albeit rather dislikable President Putin has raised many times his fears for humanity should a nuclear conflict occur and frankly he makes far more sense than his western counterparts.

Potential nuclear war is one of the three key issues that the worlds leaders should be addressing; the others being the effect of overpopulation and of course the environment.

America withdrawing from conflicts that do not concern it would be a huge boon and relief to the world’s citizens.

The US should spend more time and effort on helping the world address its environmental issues to save the planet and stop denying the scientific evidence on climate change.

The many trillions of dollars the US would save on trimming its Pentagon budget; on stopping Her involvement in pointless world conflicts, benefiting only the 1% super rich, could be much more usefully spent on a new FDR type deal for the people. Examples would be in health, social care, education and improving the lot of the disabled veterans living suffering with the mental and physical effects of fighting in ludicrous pointless wars like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

It is clear that the UK does not have any special relationship with the US and should stop being it’s lapdog and sending troops to fight wars that do not pose any threat to Her interests. Again, why does not Britain not concentrate Her efforts closer to home where austerity and Brexit indecision are crippling the nation?

Israel is of course going to be effected by US troops pulling out of Syria – so what. Israel is NOT part of America.

The insanity in America in this regard today is no better exemplified by this example. Can someone explain why an American, a children’s teacher, lost her job for declining to sign a document requiring she refuse to boycott Israel?

The US Government issued document required her to affirm “that she does not currently boycott Israel and will not boycott Israel during the term of the contract.” When she declined to sign, she “was forced to terminate her contractual relationship with the school district.”

What the hell has, what in effect is a pledge of allegiance to Israel got to do with an American citizen? Point made I hope!

In conclusion turning to the great Mark Twain who said that “history does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme”.

Specifically addressing wars in Afghanistan in particular, Winston Churchill had a unique insight and personal experience of that country and its peoples.

A war in Afghanistan is unwinnable. Of that there is no doubt.

Churchill summed up the two British wars against Afghanistan in the 19th Century, which Britain both lost, describing British policy in Afghanistan in 1897 as:

“Financially it is ruinous. Morally it is wicked. Militarily it is an open question and politically it is a blunder.”

What’s changed? This remains absolutely true in the 21st Century.

For anyone with interest in history, the term “North-West Frontier” holds ominous resonances.

In the 21st Century repeat of the folly of going to war in Afghanistan, we see the great truth of Mark Twain’s comment.

How did we so quickly forget that 250,000 Soviet troops in relatively recent history lost their war in Afghanistan?

Why do we never learn the lessons of history?

America’s imperialistic Military Neocon ambitions need to be stopped and one hopes President Trump might be the man to do it.

There can be no more empires is the hope otherwise we must expect nuclear Armageddon this century.


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Featured image is from The Duran

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