DEATH METAL version of Greta Thunberg’s UN speech online scores over 1.7 mn views (VIDEO)

FILE PHOTO. © Reuters / Piroschka van de Wouw

If you thought the UN speech of young eco-activist Greta Thunberg could not get any more apocalyptic, the internet’s there to prove you wrong. A death metal adaptation of the speech has emerged online – and it’s truly terrifying.

The music video was produced by musician and YouTuber John Mollusk, who said he’d been “inspired” by Thunberg – and specifically her notorious quote “I want you to panic.” The song fully repeats most of the activist’s speech, just with a little death growl added to turn it into a frightening new genre of eco-death metal.

The speech by the 16-year-old, which fittingly included such dramatic phrases as “mass extinction,” “how dare you?”and “we will never forgive you!” sound even more brutal in Mollusk’s adaptation, turning it into a true sermon of death and destruction.

The video promptly caught the eye of the online crowd, scoring nearly 1.8 million views in just under three days. “This is exactly what internet was invented for,” the top comment said.

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While many were able to appreciate the joke, Thunberg’s UN speech and her “Fridays for future” movement has been taken very seriously by both the establishment and the mass media, as well as plenty of her followers. ‘Eco-Anxiety’ – living in fear of climate change – is now a thing and, what’s more, it is being actively encouraged.

And while the anxious young eco-activists are skipping school and marching with placards to Thunberg’s lead, big business is already moving in, seeing not an emergency but what’s been dubbed a “climate opportunity.” In particular, they are creeping towards public funds, in hopes that the noble cause of the future “green industry,” meant to fight the global climate change at least on paper, could bring them immense new profits.

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