White Helmet Founder Dead in Turkey Allegedly Fell From Baclony

By offG

November 11, 2019 “Information Clearing House” –  James Le Mesurier, “former” British soldier and founder of the White Helmets, is allegedly dead.

The current story is he was found on the street outside his home in Istanbul, with fractures to his legs and skull. The obvious interpretation – and current working hypothesis – is that he either fell, jumped, or was pushed from his balcony.

As always, these “facts” are subject to change. By tomorrow, the story may be totally different. Which of these three stories the media chooses to run with will be important in divining the truth of the situation.

What may have happened? Almost anything.

Such is the nature of the modern news cycle that we can’t even take for granted, at this point, that he’s actually dead. Recall
Arkady Babchenko was “dead” for a few days before his miraculous recovery.The hard certainties of the situation are still scarce. It legitimately might have been an accident, he may have committed suicide.

Let’s assume, for now, that he is actually dead, and that we are going to be told it was murder. Logic suggests four possible suspects put forward by the mainstream media – Assad, Putin, Erdogan or “terrorists”.

As always, the most important question – rather than “what happened?” – will be “what agenda will this serve?”

  • What happened to James Le Mesurier?
  • Is this tied to his activities in Syria?
  • How will the press cover his death?
  • Will it have any bearing on reality?

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