New Evidence of OPCW Manufactured Nonexistent Douma Chemical Weapons Incident, Syria Report, Promoted “Fake News”

Global Research, December 29, 2019

The so-called OPCW chemical watchdog lost all credibility, breaching its mandate time and again, operating as a pro-Western imperial agent, not a Chemical Weapons Convention implementing body.

The Nobel committee should order the organization to return its 2013 peace prize, awarded “for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons,” adding:

“The conventions and the work of the OPCW have defined the use of chemical weapons as a taboo under international law.”

Reality Check: The OPCW manufactured a nonexistent CW incident in Douma, Syria, Damascus falsely blamed for what didn’t happen.

In Syria, it’s serving as a implementing body for US-led Western and Israeli interests, abandoning hard truths for fake news.

In mid-December, WikiLeaks released evidence on how the organization doctored its report on an alleged April 7, 2018 CW attack in Douma, Syria.

The so-called incident was fake news, a US/NATO-staged false flag, Syria wrongfully blamed for a victimless nonevent.

Douma eyewitnesses and medical personal confirmed that no one in Douma was hospitalized or became ill from exposure to chemical or other toxins.

In 2018, Russian technical experts experts found no evidence of chemical or other toxins in Douma soil samples and other analysis of the site.

Documents obtained by WikiLeaks showed that the OPCW doctored information in a redacted version of its initial Douma report.

On Friday, WikiLeaks released more internal OPCW documents it obtained on Douma, saying the following:

“One of the documents is an e-mail exchange dated 27 and 28 February between members of the fact finding mission (FFM) deployed to Douma and the senior officials of the OPCW,” adding:

“It includes an e-mail from Sebastien Braha, Chief of Cabinet at the OPCW, where he instructs that an engineering report from Ian Henderson should be removed from the secure registry of the organization,” saying:

“ ‘Please get this document out of DRA (Documents Registry Archive).’ ”

“ ‘And please remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever in DRA.”

Henderson’s inspection of the alleged Douma incident site found two cylinders (allegedly containing toxic chlorine) he believed were manually placed there — not dropped from an aircraft or helicopter as falsely reported.

WikiLeaks: “His findings were omitted from the official final OPCW report on the Douma incident.”

A second new document Wikileaks obtained details minutes from a June 6, 2018 meeting attended by four OPCW staff members together with toxicologists, pharmacologists, a bioanalytical and a toxicological chemist — “all specialists in chemical weapons (analysis), according to the minutes.”

The meeting’s purpose was “(t)o  solicit expert advice on the value of exhuming suspected victims of the alleged chemical attack in Douma on 7 April 2018.”

Participating experts advised the OPCW team that exhumations would be of little value, the leaked minutes adding:

“With respect to the consistency of the observed and reported symptoms of the alleged victims with possible exposure to chlorine gas or similar, the experts were conclusive in their statements that there was no correlation between symptoms and chlorine exposure.”

The OPCW team members’ “take-away message” from the meeting was that “symptoms observed were inconsistent with exposure to chlorine and no other obvious candidate chemical causing the symptoms could be identified.”

A third document obtained by WikiLeaks includes emails from August 20 – 28, 2018 that discuss the meeting between the OPCW’s team and participating toxicological experts.

A fourth document includes late July 2018 emails between these individuals.

According to WikiLeaks, information in them “state(s) that  the eight OPCW inspectors deployed to Douma during the fact finding mission (except one, a paramedic) should be excluded from discussions on the project.”

In its doctored report, the OPCW falsely claimed that toxic chlorine was used in an alleged Douma April 2018 CW incident — no evidence suggests happened.

Earlier OPCW documents released by WikiLeaks showed “internal disagreement within the (organization) about how facts were misrepresented in a redacted version of” its initial Douma report.

OPCW misrepresentation substituted for factual accuracy, the US and its imperial partners falsely blaming Damascus for a nonevent.

Yet days after the staged incident (with no casualties), US, UK, and French warplanes terror-bombed Syrian sites.

Then US war secretary James Mattis falsely claimed the mission was to “destroy (Syria’s)  chemical weapons research, development and production capabilities.”

Nothing of the kind existed then or now – what was and remains

well known to Washington, Britain and France.

One facility struck at the time was a Barzeh district research lab involved in development of cancer drugs.

Then-Joint Chiefs chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford falsely called it a “military facility…for the research, development, production and testing of chemical and biological warfare technology.”

Days before the facility was struck, OPCW inspectors visited the Barzeh lab site. Analysis of samples collected showed no evidence toxic chemical substances, nothing indicating the facility was involved in developing, producing or testing CWs.

At the time, Russian General Staff Gen. Sergey Rudskoy explained that if the US, UK and France “really believed that chemical weapons stockpiles actually existed (at the facility), then their air strikes would have led to a large-scale contamination and as far as Damascus goes, tens of thousands of people would have been killed.”

Eliminating CWs requires destroying them under carefully controlled conditions so toxins can’t enter the environment and spread.

Blowing them up amounts to conducting a massive CW attack.

“Immediately after the (airstrike), people who worked at (Barzeh and two other) destroyed facilities and just bystanders without any protective equipment visited them. None of them got poisoned with toxic agents,” Rudskoy explained.

The April 14 terror-bombing mission had nothing to do with destroying Syrian CW facilities – everything to do with weakening its military capabilities.

Syrian air defense systems downed most missiles fired, including dozens aimed at military bases, aiming to inflict significant damage.

The fake April 2018 Douma incident was staged by al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets, masquerading as civil defense workers.

After nearly nine years of US-orchestrated aggression, the struggle for Syria’s soul continues at yearend and in the new year.

Liberation has a long way to go because the US came to Syria to stay indefinitely, occupying northern and southern parts of the country.

Eliminating its presence, along with Turkey’s occupation of northern Syrian territory, is essential for Syrians again to be free.


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Award-winning author Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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Featured image is from Syria News

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