gallery US Government Represents Lawless Billionaires

The US government represents the lawless billionaire class who seeks to enrich itself at the expense of others, according the Canadian writer and activist Mark Taliano.

Global Research, January 29, 2020
PressTV 11 January 2020

Taliano told Press TV in an interview on Saturday that if enriching the US billionaire class “entails stealing another country’s oil, then the billionaire class is fine with that.”

He said that the US did not need the oil from the Middle East; however, “preferential contracts” gave profits to the Americans.

Taliano said billionaire compound their profits by selling guns to perpetuated conflict zone of the Middle East.

“The billionaire class profits when the military builds more weapons and sells more weapons,” he said, adding, “The billionaire class profits when it occupies a country and forces regime change.”

Taliano insisted that Iraq, Syria and Iran were the only countries resisting the Americans sister plots.

He said these countries in the Middle East were “safeguarding their sovereignty and their territorial integrity as per international law.”

Taliano said the US billionaires, who seek to make money at the expense of others and have no respect for either human rights or international law, were running the United States.

“Those who claim to represent Washington have no regards for international law, for nation and state sovereignty, the right for countries to be democratic and self-governing,” he said.


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US Government Represents Lawless Billionaires

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