A Real Democratic World Government Is the Solution to the COVID-19 Crisis

We do not need a New World Order autocratically imposed from the top-down by neoliberal, corporate plutocrats.

Global Research, August 13, 2020

The Deep State represents many wealthy capitalists who influence organizations like Big Pharma, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, Big Oil, Big Agriculture, the military-industrial complex, the CIA, Wall Street, the Bilderbergers, and those that profit from the Federal Reserve instead of supporting a public banking system. But since the outbreak of Covid-19, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has clearly manifested as the braintrust kingpin that is orchestrating current world policy and events.  See links  #1-7 at the end of this article.     

Moreover, Cory Morningstar, a writer at the website www.WrongKindOfGreen.org has been explaining how billionaire capitalists and their organizations are hijacking the environmental movement and the Green New Deal, and they are the financial supporters behind the scenes of Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion. Read and listen to link #8 and #39.

Billionaire Capitalism and The World Economic Forum (WEF)

In many ways the World Economic Forum is on the cutting edge in describing health and environmental problems, for example, its website features the benefits of mindfulness meditation. Its website states that we are moving into the Fourth Industrial Revolution. However, some individuals have become alarmed by what appears to be a transhumanist agenda that may eventually require everyone to get vaccines and microchips. They fear that ultimately they could be turned into cyborgs as humans, artificial intelligence (AI), and other forms of advanced technology are merged together. See link #9.

To people still enamored with capitalism, who have no guilt aspiring to be millionaires with extravagant lifestyles on a planet with  limited resources, who think the United States needs to expand its military to sabotage and destroy any country advocating a socialist agenda–such people are alarmed when the World Economic Forum (WEF) talks about a wealth tax.

It was the influence of  progressives that brought us the New Deal and things like Social Security. Capitalists would never have offered those things out of the goodness of their hearts. With the current financial crisis, corporate and transnational capitalists and other members of the Deep State will most likely make further concessions in helping people who are now desperate, but they will certainly not relinquish their positions of top-down control, and that is the central problem for the 99.9% of humanity. See links 10-12.

Billionaire capitalists (with their NGOs, TV commercials, and documentaries) can say all the right words about ecological sustainability, but they will never voluntarily eliminate the capitalistic practices that keep them empowered. They will never fully address the ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor nationally and internationally as a major problem.

Billionaire capitalists actually think they can solve  environmental problems while they keep getting wealthier and more powerful at the same time. But social and environmental problems throughout the world will only be solved when the wealthiest One Percent (or the 1% of the 1%)–that is,  all the elements of the Deep State–are dethroned and disempowered.

Social Engineering

Today it would seem that the vast majority of “progressive” and “leftist” websites encourage people to follow the WHO and CDC guidelines about the wearing of face masks, maintaining social distancing, sheltering in place, and just waiting for a magical vaccine–while ignoring the fact that there are relatively inexpensive drugs available that can effectively treat Covid-19.

Censorship of Medical Doctors

Mostly it is the conservative websites that have provided videos and articles of medical doctors and other experts with outstanding credentials that disagree with the official narrative. But Facebook and YouTube are removing their videos–seemingly at warp speed now. See links 13-14.

Concerning the coronavirus, there are a few progressive websites that are posting the articles and videos of those  labeled by the mainstream media as “right-wing conspiracy theorists,” “anti-vaxxers,” and “covidiots.”

It is obvious that mainstream news channels are only allowing their official narrative to be presented–alternative viewpoints are not allowed.

Recently there was a massive protest of more than 1 million people against the restrictive measures related to  the coronavirus in Berlin. A few online newspapers covered it, but I didn’t see it mentioned on the mainstream, TV-news channel (CBS) that I watch. (See image below)

It is more true than ever before now that we no longer live in a free society because the corporate-controlled mainstream media is merely a mouthpiece for the corporate-controlled government. See links #15-39.


We do not need a New World Order autocratically imposed from the top-down by neoliberal, corporate plutocrats, but we do need a Democratic Federal World Government. The Earth Constitution (also click  here) is an excellent model for empowering democratic world law above national sovereignty. Currently we have 195 nations that are all militarized, competing and conniving against one another.

The U.S. is aspiring to become an empire, if it has not already become one. Instead of being controlled by an empire or by the Deep State, we should let the citizens of the world together decide how to create peace, justice, freedom, democracy, and happiness on this planet. See link #40.

The United Nations can never create world peace because it is based on a system of sovereign nations that do not respect any international laws if they do not feel like it.

The United Nations is certainly not  a democratic organization considering that its Security Council has 5 permanent member nation states (with the power of veto). The U.N. is powerless in stopping competing nations from spending astronomical amounts of money on the military. The countries of the world spent  $1917 billion (or almost 2 trillion) dollars  on the military in 2019!

Albert Einstein was a supporter of world government, but he had little faith in the United Nations, considering how it is structured. See link #41.

I want to share two thought-provoking videos (Annex below) about the lockdown and vaccines related to Covid-19 and also about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the agenda of transhumanism related to the World Economic Forum.


Below are two videos from socially conservative and capitalist economic perspectives. I have provided summaries of each video. These videos provide an understanding of the crisis we are living.

Video: The Great Reset: Covid-19 and the World Economic Forum Plan to Impose a New World Order by Michael J. Matt–August 11, 2020.


The H1N1 Swine Flu (2005) killed 500,000. In August of 2020 so far 650,000 people worldwide have died from Covid-19. The Hong Kong Flu (1968) killed 4 million people! The country was not shut down over these other flu outbreaks. There was no quarantine. Why not? It is because Covid-19 is a politicized virus.  People are losing their jobs and mental health over this.  They can’t go to church.  Their kids aren’t going back to school.  There is a war on Hydroxychloroquine.  You mention it on Facebook or YouTube and you get taken down.  It’s been used for 60 years!  They don’t want it because it is not a vaccine that they can make money from.  It might fix the problem.  It is why the Frontline Doctors were banned from social media and are losing their jobs.  The only thing they did wrong was trying to fix the problem now.

If Covid-19 can be cured without 7 billion doses of Bill Gates vaccine, the “Great Reset” talked about in Davos, Switzerland [by the World Economic Forum] will be dead on arrival, and we would go back to life as we once knew it.  The US is in the way of this “Great Reset,” so they are destabilizing our entire country.  The Great Reset wants to implement massive socialist programs dealing with global climate change through the Green New Deal.  No country will be allowed to opt out of this because they would then endanger the whole world community when future pandemics, environmental catastrophes, and population increase.

Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization, and he is threatening to pull out of the World Trade Organization.  Trump is a capitalist, not a globalist.  The video shows economist Jeffrey Sachs who stated that the UN General Assembly routinely votes 185 against the United States on almost everything right now.  In November 2019 at the United Nations (before Covid-19 landed), Trump declared war on globalism. Trump said the future does not belong to globalists.  It belongs to patriots.  Shortly after that, the coronavirus was unleashed on the world, and Trump’s booming US economy went on life support.  Was that an accident?  The Russia hoax, the Impeachment hoax was all about removing Trump.  If Trump brings the economy back again, the Great Reset won’t happen.  Covid-19 is being used as an opportunity to implement the New World Order.

That is why they hate Trump. They hate God, the unborn, the traditional family, they hate you, and they hate Trump.  Trump’s political opponents are knocking down statues of saints to the ground.  They are beating up cops, and they are burning flags.  If you don’t like Trump’s personality, then at least look at the big picture.  The choice is simple.  Stand with America right now or fall with the NWO  [End of Summary].

 The Great Reset Plan Revealed:  How Covid Ushers in The New World Order–by Spiro Skouras from Activist Post.com–June 6, 2020.


The Hegelian Dialectic discusses the idea of Problem–Reaction–Solution.  If you have a goal of global governance, there may be some resistance to that.  So you engineer a crisis which produces a desired response–a controlled demolition of the whole economy that wipes out the middle class, creating more dependency on the government for stimulus money and bailouts.

The current lockdown is the conclusion of the Rockefeller lockstep document of 2010 on how to mitigate a pandemic crisis.  [According to  James Fetzer. org, the Lock Step scenario is the first of four narratives presented in the Rockefeller Foundation’s summary document, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development.”  It deals with a zoonotic viral pandemic that wipes out millions across the globe.]

We are also seeing massive unrest under the guise of seeking social justice, ending inequality and systemic racism.  In reality, these riots are nothing more than an organized destabilization operation, much like we have seen the US and the CIA carry out in countless countries before they topple their governments and install puppet regimes.  This is a planned operation.

The Problem–Covid-19.  The Reaction–economic collapse and civil unrest.  Now it is time for the predetermined Solution that is ready to roll out.  The Solution was just announced by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the same group who asked John Hopkins to host   Event 201 In October 2019.   Their solution is the “Great Reset,” an initiative that was just launched this week by the WEF.  Its longstanding global governance agenda ties to the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which seeks to regulate, control, and redefine life as we know it.

And in June 2019, the UN and the WEF formed a strategic partnership to accelerate the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda.  See World Economic Forum and UN Sign Strategic Partnership Framework.

(3:09)  Back in January 2020, the WEF founder and executive chairman, Klaus Schwab, was asked what we can expect to be the focus of the Davos 2020, and he referenced his book written in 1970 which was about a new economic model called Stakeholder Capitalism which is now commonly accepted.  He states the original idea of Davos was to create a place where Stakeholders could meet, and we are now celebrating that Stakeholder Capitalism is becoming mainstream (4:25).  Schwab said (6:11), the Covid-19 crisis has shown us the old system is not fit anymore.  When the economy and the stock market were booming, people thought the old system was working.  Now people realize that the old system is not working with climate change and the loss of biodiversity.  In the past, we didn’t have a sense of urgency to address these issues.  It is hard to have a sense of urgency if the stock market is doing so well.

Spiro Skouras from Activist Post then states in the video, Now we have conditions comparable to the Great Depression due to the fallout from the corona lockdown.  Now we have a justification for the Great Reset and the 50-year plan by the WEF to have a new economic system. Just 3 days ago, the WEF hosted an online virtual summit for the Great Reset, and it included Klaus Schwab, founder and director of WEF, the UN Secretary General, Prince Charles, the head of the International Monetary Fund, a top representative from MasterCard, among many others.  And the general consensus was that we cannot afford to miss this window of opportunity to implement the Great Reset because Covid has shown that our current system is broken (6:06). Schwab states it is not fit anymore for the 21st century.

Now (6:23) is the historic moment of time, Schwab states, to not only fight the coronavirus, but to shape the systems for a post-coronavirus era.  Other prominent individuals in the video of the Summit say similar things.  Prince Charles said, “Climate change is a devastating reality for many people.  We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis.  It’s unprecedented (7:40) shock waves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change.  A lady from the IMF then said what we see is inevitably a very massive injection of a financial stimulus to help countries deal with this crisis…but it is paramount that the growth leads to a greener, smarter, and more fair world in the future.

In the WEF video clip, Klaus Schwab states, we have  another choice.  We can change our behavior to be in harmony with nature again and make sure that the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are best utilized.  In short, we need a “Great Reset.”  Spiro Skouras (9:56) from Activist Post then states that according to the WEF website, the Great Reset will have 3 components:  1) To steer the market toward fairer outcomes [copied from the video screen:  “Depending on the country, these may include changes to wealth taxes, the withdrawal of fossil-fuel subsidies, and new rules governing intellectual property, trade, and competition… The second component of the Great Reset agenda would ensure that investments advance shared goals, such as equality and sustainability.]  Spiro Skouras (10:31) then says that the third component will be to harness the innovation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support the public good by addressing health and social challenges.  This is also known as the transhumanist agenda to merge man with machine and force compliance with global governance initiatives laid out by Agenda 2030.

Skouras then states, now this might be a good time to note that 14 of  17 of the UN’s Sustainability goals include the use of vaccinations (10:53).  Skouras states that the third component which Schwab has written a book about is a longstanding transhumanist agenda which seeks to merge man with machine and artificial intelligence (AI), something that Elon Musk is already working on with his Neura Link Project.

Spiro Skouras then shares video clips from WEF’s website from about 3 years ago (12:14).  A woman in the video clip states, “The very idea of a human being a natural concept is really going to change.  Our bodies will be so high-tech that we won’t be able to really distinguish between what’s natural and what’s artificial.  Skouras states this is the merger of man and machine.  This is the transhumanist agenda from WEF official videos from their own YouTube channel.  Then a man speaks in the video clip, “Inside our heads is the most complex arrangement of matter in the known universe.”  A woman then speaks, “You might ask yourself, can we get to be superhumans?  The original industrial revolution was driven by the discovery that you could use steam engines to do all kinds of interesting things.”  A man speaks, “But that was followed by additional revolutions for electricity, computers, and communications technology.  We are now in the early stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (14:02) which is bringing together digital, physical, and biological systems.”

Then Klaus Schwab speaks, “One of the features of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that it doesn’t change what we are doing, but it changes us.”  A woman speaks, “ With the ability to visualize brain activity, for example, through a simple consumer-based EEG device, it gives us access to ourselves in ways that we have never before thought possible.  It unlocks the black box of the brain and enables us to really truly be able to realize an identity that is aspirational (14:49).”  Then John Kabat-Zinn talks about the amazing benefits of mindfulness meditation on the brain genome and biological aging.  “Then you get the potential for a new renaissance that restructures itself in terms of our relationship to life, the planet, and work.”

A man from the WEF video clip states, “We need a different economic model–not capitalism vs. communism, but a shift in the system along the lines of the two big changes that happened in  the 20th century.  Keynesianism was a much greater focus on health and education and the world of government working with business.  Then the reaction to that in the late 1970s was Neoliberalism where the focus was on free markets and freedom of the individual and getting governments out of the way (15:35).  We then [now] shift to a new system that will allow us to meet the basic needs of every human on the planet.  We will live within our planetary means.  We will be fairer, and the focus will not be on growth per se, but on maximizing human well-being.  And history tells us that a value shift is triggered by a creation of a new story about how we want to live (15:58).

Skouras then interjects, they were talking about how this new model is not based on hard work or being a business owner or creating wealth and success.  They were talking about a new global economic order that will be fairer, they say.  They essentially redistribute wealth, your wealth, as they see fit to lower the standards where you are in your country and raise standards in other countries (16:19).  Are you beginning to see how this covid crisis (16:48) has accelerated between the 2030 Agenda and global governance and how they use public figures (celebrities) to help sell it to the public?  People do not otherwise trust governments as institutions (17:01).  Now the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be sold to humanity as a way to better “mankind,”  a word they don’t want you to use.  The UN doesn’t like that.  They want to use the word “humankind.”  They will make paralyzed people walk again.  They will help the blind to see, and while this is all amazing and great, history shows us time and time again that things that can be used to benefit humanity are often weaponized and turned against humanity.

A man speaks (17:33), “ Humans have always been using tools but because of the recent advances in technology, we are beginning to have machines that can augment us in interesting ways.”  A different man speaks, “I was the first person in the world to be able to voluntarily move my legs while stepping[?] into a robot (17:45) that executed the nervous system using an electrical stimulator to the spine.”  He went on to say we believe a cure for paralysis is possible in time.

A woman then states that “the prediction of 5 million jobs lost to technology is serious, but it is not the main question.  Instruction, manufacturing, services, public health–these industries will still exist, but the main question is what will be the future of work?  How will we define work?  How will we share wealth?”  A different woman speaks, “One of the things I think that is essential is a free and open society of thought, and up until now the conversation we have been having is freedom of speech.  But if we can access people’s thoughts, access their emotions, we have to create a space that enables people to think freely, to think divergent thoughts, to think creative thoughts.  And in a society where people fear having those thoughts, the likelihood of being able to enjoy progress significantly is diminished.”

Skouras think interjects, “Did you just hear that?  She said right now (18:53) the discussion has been around free speech, but basically once we get that out of the way–once we get access to people’s thoughts and emotions, we need to create a framework for people to think, so that people aren’t scared, but feel safe.  This is absolutely terrifying!  Talk about Thought Police!  They are fully intending and telling us right now that they plan to have direct access to your thoughts and emotions and will be able to manipulate them [implying a digitally implanted microchip?], of course, for the greater good (19:22).  This (19:46) is not about saving the planet.  This is about control.  Many of our jobs will be taken over by robots, so they will redefine work–they want to redefine what it means to be human and determine for you your role and your future of being essentially a transhumanist cyborg, integrated into this new control grid.  Now, right now, we are witnessing the control grid, the controlled demolition of our economic system by design in order to usher in this new transhumanist agenda.

Spiro Skouras continues, “This is the new system of global governance.  In this new digitized system of control, we will be unable to distinguish organic life from artificial life.  We won’t have access to our own thoughts.  Or we will have access to them, but we won’t be able to control (20:26) our own thoughts and emotions because they are going to do that for us because we will be tied into their grid system.  Now the current system was never meant to last forever.  It was meant to last only long enough to enslave humanity through debt–until technology caught up with the technocrats’ vision of the future.  And now it’s here.  Do you think the central banks will take responsibility for the collapse of the current system?  Do you think that governments will take responsibility?  No.  The virus is here to take the fall.  The virus will be the excuse to burn down this old system, as we are seeing happen right now, and out of the ashes, this new system will rise.  Do you think it is a coincidence that the central banks just so happen to have their new digitized currencies ready to go? They have  been rebuilding the whole infrastructure (21:13) for years to facilitate this new digital financial system.

Skouras continues, the new digital financial system of control is about to be rolled out on all of us right now at the same time they are rolling out the digital immunity passports.  The UN’s digital identity plan is being rolled out and worked on right now, and it is funded by Bill Gates.  There is so much more.  Global governance is at our doorstep.  It is being rolled out and justified by the Covid-19 crisis.  And at the end of the day, we the people do not have a say in our future according to them.  We don’t even get a vote according to them.  These technocrats are deciding the future of humanity for us right now.  And guess what?  The future of humanity isn’t human at all (end of video).

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Roger Copple retired as a high school special education and elementary general education teacher in 2010 at age 60.  His website  World Without Empire. com contains  articles he has written about spiritual politics.  The website also shares links to information about yoga philosophy, mindfulness meditation, and Near-Death Experiences.

To further support the claims made above, here are 41 videos and articles that challenge the dominant, official, mainstream-news narrative about Covid-19 and the current financial crisis:


1. Professor of Economics (Michel Chossudovsky):  Video with Transcription:  The 2020 Economic Crisis. Global Poverty, Unemployment and Despair–18 minutes–June 30, 2020

2. YouTube:  The Global Research Report: The COVID-19 Lockdown:  Economic and Social Impacts:  Interview with Peter Koenig–38 minutes–July 17, 2020

3. Global Research.ca:  The Global Reset–Unplugged.  “The Deep State”–by Peter Koenig–July 9, 2020

4. Global Research.ca:  The World Economic Forum (WEF) Knows Best–The Post-Covid  “Great Global Reset”–  by Peter Koenig–July 28, 2020.

5. Global Research.ca: Facts Vs. Fake:  A Worldwide Lockdown of Everything–by Peter Koenig–June 3, 2020

6. Global Research.ca:  The Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) Is at it Again–Celebrating 50th Anniversary–by Peter Koenig–January 22, 2020.

7. Global Research.ca:  Now Comes the Davos Global Economy “Great Reset.”  What Happens After the Covid-19 Pandemic?–by F. William Engdahl–July 24, 2020

8. Global Research.ca:  “The Non-Profit Industrial Complex”  and the Co-opting of the NGO Environmental Movement by Michael Welch: A Conversation with Cory Morningstar–59 minutes

9. Vaccine Impact. com:  New World Order Continues to be Published:  The “Great Reset”–Transhumanism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution–August 10, 2020. The article also includes a 12-minute video entitled “What is the  Fourth Industrial Revolution?” that is produced by  the World Economic Forum

10. Professor Richard Wolff: The Coming Economic Crash Will Be Worse Than the Great Depression–13 min–July 15, 2020

11. Global Capitalism:  As US Capitalism Shakes, US Socialism Renews–Professor Richard D. Wolff–1 hour, 11 min–July 8, 2020

12. Richard Wolff:  The Crash Is Coming!  What To Watch For–24 minutes–July 15, 2020

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17. Amazing Polly. net:  The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket–May 8, 2020–39 minutes

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19. James Corbett’s 4 videos on Bill Gates:  www.CorbettReport.com/Gates.

20. Breitbart.com:  Watch Live:  Silenced Frontline Doctors Hold Capitol Hill Press Conference to Challenge Big Tech–28 minutes–July 28, 2020

21. Love Productions. org:  Is Covid-19 the Biggest Pseudo Pandemic in Human History? 

22. Strategic-Culture.org:  German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as “A Global False Alarm”:  May 29, 2020

23. The Freedom Articles. com: “Busted: 11 COVID Assumptions Based on Fear not Fact”  by Makia Freeman–July 2, 2020

24. The Healthy Truth with Dr. Andrew Kaufman–April 16, 2020–1 hr. 9 min

25. Where is the evidence for a new virus?  Dr. Andrew Kaufman–May 30, 2020–4 min 31 sec

26. Urgent:  The World’s Greatest Cover Up– interview of Dr. Andrew Kaufman–May 19, 2020–45 minutes

27. Kelly Victory, MD:  Breaking Down Covid-19–18 minutes–July 6, 2020

28. https://vaccine-injury.info/debunking-the-germ-viral-theory-of-disease

29. Podcast: David Parker and Dawn Lester, authors of  “What Really Makes Us Ill”  interviewed by Mark Devlin–1 hr, 30 min  Below is how one reviewer at Amazon described the authors’ book: The authors back up the central claim of this book that what are understood as “pathogens” are analogous to firefighters at the scene of the incident. Just as firemen don’t start fires, bacteria and viruses are the effects. The bottom line is that chemical toxicity in the environment is the cause of oxidative stress which is the cause of disease.

30. Global Freedom Movement: org:  Meet the Teachers:  Kevin Galalae

31. Kevin Galalae:  Part One:  The Pandemic Illusion–4 min, 34 sec

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33. Kevin Galalae:  Part Three:  The Pandemic Cure for Overconsumption–9 min

34. Kevin Galalae:  Part Four:  The Pandemic Cure for Overpopulation:  11 min 

35. Kevin Galalae:  Part Five:  The Pandemic Front of Decarbonization–20 min

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41. Global Research.ca:  The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:  Global Schizophrenia–by Dr. Glen T. Martin, the President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association, the organization that created the Earth Constitution–October 6, 2015

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