The COVID-19 Crisis in the UK. Towards a Full Lockdown?

Global Research, September 21, 2020
TruePublica 19 September 2020

Big Guns: Groups of more than six in the park are lawbreaking – but groups of 30 with big guns killing stuff is not. Who are the landowners who own England’s vast grouse moors? As Who Owns England has previously exposed, grouse moor estates cover an area of England the size of Greater London – some 550,000 acres – and are propped up by millions of pounds in public farm subsidies. Now, for the first time, the owners of around 100 grouse moor estates across England are mapped. From aristocrats to autocrats – the screamingly elitist are listed (READ MORE)

The Road To Riches: Another 32 contract award notices for PPE were published this week worth a total value of £934 million. The two highest-value contracts went to Medro Ltd for £122 million (gowns) and Chemical Intelligence Ltd for £126 million (gowns). Medro was started with £1 capital in January 2019, appears to have not traded and since declared itself dormant. Naeem Ahmed is its sole reported officer and the company has no declared nature of business. Mr Ahmed’s business Medro has gone from literally zero to a £122 million government contract overnight with no scrutiny (source).

Curfew: Ministers tell Amy Jones and Gordon Rayner in the Telegraph that a national curfew is an “obvious next step” if the new regulations don’t flatten the current C19 spike (source). It appears that in two weeks time – if infections continue to increase – a full lockdown will be imposed once again.

Moonshot: The whole idea that Operation Moonshot – designed to test 10 million people a day will work is the thinking of fantasists as the technology itself has not actually been invented. In the meantime, many people are being told there are no testing centres available to them, with samples being sent abroad for processing – and that’s when testing hits just 62,000 a day at the beginning of September causing a backlog in labs of 185,000 (source). More recently, Boris Johnson has said he “doesn’t recognise” the “moonshot” target of 10 million tests a day, which he announced live on national television barely two weeks ago. In that interview, he referred to ‘millions’ of daily tests (source).

Ducking: Alain Tolhurst at Politics Home, reveals in an exclusive: “The government has been scaling back advertising for coronavirus testing as a way of dealing with a level of demand that is outstripping capacity.” You could say that the government have better skills sets in better at ducking and diving that delivering (source).

Schools Out: There are now about 1,000 UK Schools with Coronavirus infections among the school population. Last week it was 115 Scotland, 69 Northern Ireland,  55 Wales and 531 England Source: Compilation of local newspaper reports, NHS reports, and school websites.

Lockdown London: Is it just a matter of time before the restrictions imposed on Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford and Newcastle make their way to London? “Pubs and restaurants around the country face early closing times to slow coronavirus infections, with London’s public health chief warning of a ‘local curfew’ in the capital.” He says that across the country “hospitality businesses in hotspots are expected to be ordered to shut by 10 p.m.” (source – Times Paywall). Given that the government has lost control of C19 already and have emphatically stated there will be no national lockdown in furture – expect local lockdowns to get bigger and more widespread.

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The COVID-19 Crisis in the UK. Towards a Full Lockdown?

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