Selected Articles: Unspeakable Memories: The Day John Kennedy Died

By Global Research News

Global Research, November 23, 2020

Unspeakable Memories: The Day John Kennedy Died

By Edward Curtin, November 22 2020

Unless one is a government disinformation agent or is unaware of the enormous documentary evidence, one knows that it was the CIA that carried out JFK’s murder. Confirmation of this fact keeps arriving in easily accessible forms for anyone interested in the truth.

Conspiracy and Class Power: A Talk by Michael Parenti

By Michael Welch and Michael Parenti, November 21 2020

The term is also a ‘thought-stopper.’ As soon as you are labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ even before you have a chance to muster an argument, the public by and large will immediately develop a distrustful attitude toward you. But conspiracies not only exist in our society, it actually is a concept in law!

The Yemen “Civil War” Arms Bonanza. Mammoth Weapons Sales to UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, November 22 2020

Biden’s top foreign policy advisor, Tony Blinken, seems less concerned about who will be the target of the weapons in the UAE sale than any upset caused to that most unimpeachable of allies, Israel.  Sales of the F-35, for instance, were intended as a US-Israeli preserve.

The China Moment

By Peter Koenig, November 23 2020

China has achieved the almost impossible – a free trade agreement with 14 countries – the ten ASEAN, plus Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, altogether 15 countries, including China.

A Comic Display of Geopolitical Subservience: Mike Pompeo’s Visit to Israel

By Richard Falk and Correio Braziliense, November 23 2020

For me the entire event was a grotesque occasion of national embarrassment from start to finish. Even the most dimwitted imperialist would know better than to declare Pompeo’s subservience to Israel in these scary words: “Israel is everything we want the entire Middle East to look like going forward.”

Report: Government Spies Are Tracking Brits Movements to Check if They’re Complying with Lockdown

By Steve Watson, November 23 2020

GCHQ spooks are monitoring the movement of British people minute by minute to check if they are complying with government restrictions, according to reports.

Lockdown Politics — The Great Travesty

By Carl Boggs, November 23 2020

Nearly one year into the COVID pandemic, even a modicum of critical thinking should tell us that lockdown politics as practiced in the United States is an unmitigated disaster, and with no end in sight. 

Biometric Police State? DHS Plans to Start Collecting Eye Scans and DNA — With the Help of Defense Contractors

By Felipe De La Hoz, November 23 2020

Through a little-discussed potential bureaucratic rule change, the Department of Homeland Security is planning to collect unprecedented levels of biometric information from immigration applicants and their sponsors — including U.S. citizens.

It’s Time for the US to Face Its War Crimes

By Joe Lauria, November 23 2020

Australia had to reveal heinous crimes its troops committed in Afghanistan, even after it prosecuted a whistleblower and raided a TV station. It’s time for the U.S. to launch serious investigations of its own conduct in war.

“Coup 1953” Documentary Opens Up Wounds Over Britain’s Criminal Role in Iran’s History

By Hamid Dabashi, November 23 2020

“Angry TV film-makers stop release of lauded Iranian documentary,” ran the headline of a recent Guardian news story. What documentary exactly is this? We learn: “Coup 53, which charts MI6’s role in the shah’s restoration, has been blocked by makers of a 1985 show, who say it sullies their names.”The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Global Research News, Global Research, 2020

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