gallery Urge PM Trudeau to End Hassan Diab’s Nightmare of Injustice!

By Hassan Diab Support Committee

Global Research, February 25, 2021Hassan Diab Support Committee

Thank you for your outpouring of support following the shockingly unjust decision on 27 January 2021 by a French Court of Appeal to refer Dr. Hassan Diab to trial.

According to the French newspaper Le Monde, the decision of the Court of Appeal is “exceptional, because never before, in terrorist matters, had they opposed the investigating judges: in 2018 the latter had decided to dismiss the case.”

This is further evidence of the political nature of the decision which flies in the face of evidence and the findings of the investigating judges. Instead of sacrificing Hassan as an innocent scapegoat, French authorities would better serve the victims and their families by trying to find the true perpetrators of the awful 1980 crime.

Join Us in Writing to PM Trudeau and Major Newspapers

Following the French Court of Appeal decision, numerous organizations and individuals have spoken out in support of Hassan (see links below).Hassan Diab’s Long Odyssey of Injustice Continues

We urge you to add your voice by writing to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urging the Canadian government to refuse a potential second request for Hassan’s extradition, and to put an immediate end to this continuing miscarriage of justice.

Your letter can be brief and from the heart. Please address your letter to:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

and copy the following politicians:

Also, please share your correspondence with us at

Donate to Hassan Diab’s Legal Defence in France

Please consider making a donation to help cover the cost of Hassan’s ongoing legal defence in France. Your support is vital to protect Hassan’s rights and prevent his wrongful conviction. A donation of any amount is much appreciated and can make a difference!

To donate, please visit this link.

Many thanks to those who have already contributed. We greatly appreciate your kind support!

Statements by Organisations Supporting Hassan Diab

You can find statements of support by Amnesty Canada, BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG), Independent Jewish Voices (IJV), and other organisations here.


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Featured image is from The Canadian Press

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24 October 2017The original source of this article is Hassan Diab Support CommitteeCopyright © Hassan Diab Support Committee, Hassan Diab Support Committee, 2021

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