gallery Video: The 2021 Worldwide Corona Crisis. “The Worst Crisis in Modern History”

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Ariel Noyola Rodriguez

Global Research, February 28, 2021

We bring to the attention of our readers this Global Research Video documentary produced by Ariel Noyola Rodriguez, featuring Prof. Michel Chossudovsky.

We are at the crossroads of one of the most serious crises in World history.

We are living history, yet our understanding of the sequence of events since January 2020 has been blurred.

Worldwide, people have been misled both by their governments and the media as to the causes and devastating consequences of the Covid-19 “pandemic”. 

“Planet Lockdown” is an encroachment on civil liberties and the “Right to Life”.

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Entire national economies are in jeopardy. In some countries martial law has been declared.

Small and medium sized capital are slated to be eliminated. Big capital prevails.

A massive concentration of corporate wealth is ongoing.

Its a diabolical “New World Order” in the making.

Red Zones, the facemask, social distancing, the closing down of schools, colleges and universities,

no more family gatherings, no birthday celebrations, music, the arts: no more cultural events,

sport events are suspended, no more funerals, no more weddings, “love and life” is banned outright.

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21 April 2015The original source of this article is Global ResearchCopyright © Prof Michel Chossudovsky and Ariel Noyola Rodriguez, Global Research, 2021

One comment

  1. Thank you rofessor Michel for your article. A statement of truth.I have read many articles like this. Not one article gives solutions! We all are aware of the Law of Cause and Effect. Its a Universal Law. Meaning it is how our Universe works. Walter Russell knew this. Google the man. In 1929 he taked about this Law of Cause and Effects and said that at that time 90% or more only dealt with the effects and not the Cause. 2021 we are still dealing with the Effects!! We need to deal with the Cause (cores) to change the paradigm. We need to get to the core or cause to deal with this horrific situatión that humanity is in. The how why what questions. Then we have the ability to deal with it. Find solutions. Just remember that we have had eons of mind control and it may involve letting go of be-lie-fs that have hindered our growth.


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